The Greatest .Dog : A #domain dedicated to Paco’s canine legacy

Thousands of years ago, the wolf became a domesticated guardian, friend, and sometimes, pain in the ass to the human who decided to extend a loving hand towards its sharp teeth. Dogs are meant to be humanity’s best friends. When we’re done killing each other, we cuddle up with our canine buddies. It’s that simple. […]

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Huge changes at after Rightside merger with Donuts

The finalization of the Rightside – Donuts Inc. acquisition deal is now complete, and, will soon face huge changes. Gone are the days where Taco Friday runs would take uber guy, Jared Ewy, to the edge of his wits: “Man, I’m gonna miss this type of activity at lunch time. We were free, […]

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Jared Ewy of Name .com : Hilarious spoof of the BBC interview

The video of a security expert whose kids walked in during his BBC interview, went viral last week. Jared Ewy, comedian extraordinaire and occasional executive, created a spoof version of that video. What can we say; it’s a great demonstration of Jared’s comedic talent, and although it was suggested by us, Jared utilized his […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. breaks the Internet with dangerous Lady Gaga stunt! broke the Internet earlier today; a video featuring Jared Ewy as “Lady Gaga” went viral. Inspired by the Super Bowl (aka “Big Game”) performance of Lady Gaga, Jared sported a tinfoil dress, a blonde wig, and rather excessive makeup. After taking a leap of faith with no supportive bungee cords, the comedian emerged […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : Jared Ewy loses bet, eats a mushroom sandwich!

We all have fears, and Jared Ewy’s worst nightmare is a mushroom sandwich. The executive lost a bet, and was forced to publicly eat a sandwich stuffed with mushrooms. Thanks to an apparent childhood trauma, Jared’s usual confidence is shattered in the video released by; it was originally broadcasted on Facebook. In his […]

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Domains exposed : Dot .Games and dot .Live rock TwitchCon 2016

RightSide rolled out dot .Games 10 days ago, and the results are rather awesome. Currently, almost 6000 .Games domains have been registered. Not content with pitching the .Games gTLD to domain investors, its sister company,, took a trip south to California, where TwitchCon 2016 is taking place. From September 30 to October 2, hordes […]

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Handsome Teddy : employee takes over the company

It’s a case of inverse “Office Space” : A very capable employee, who just so happens to be handsome, makes the “old timers” feel nervous. The gang over at has created yet another fun video, introducing “Handsome Teddy,” their new employee. While the veteran employees gossip about Handsome Teddy’s supposed superficiality, they are about […]

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Jared Ewy’s car got stolen!!!

Getting your domain name stolen by a Chinese or Russian hacker definitely sucks, but losing your family vehicle to a common thief? That’s just unconscionable! 🙁 Domainer extraordinaire, comedian, and funny manager “slash” coffee-brewing specialist, Jared Ewy, woke up yesterday facing a shocking reality: his car had been stolen. And yet, Jared didn’t lose […]

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Using your new domain names: goes batty with four new great videos!

For the past several weeks, Jared Ewy‘s family apparently lost track of his whereabouts; the multi-talented comedian/slash spokesperson was busy working on a top secret project about domain names. It all turned out great, as a series of four videos, titled “Using your new domain names” was revealed today. First in the series, “Share […]

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Vic Dixon: Domain registrar employee walks 20 miles to work every day!

An employee of the domain registrar is the prime example of dedication, when it comes down to a perfect attendance record. Vic Dixon, known for his humorous depictions of domain industry life, walks daily to the offices – a commute of 20 miles. “For as long as these legs can carry my body […]

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Video: Name dot com employees strip down like it’s the 80’s

Ah, the 80’s! 😀 Music, clothes, hairstyles – everything was so different. Does anyone remember Jane Fonda and aerobics? Or break-dancing? These were the days of unisex skin tights, leg warmers and guys with hairy chests – think of the Bee Gees. Apparently, the employees want to relive the 80’s, encouraged by a recent […]

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Domain upselling? takes a jab at … Godaddy

GoDaddy has been targeted on several occasions – tastefully, of course – by; the latest jab is about domain upselling. Known for offering a myriad options before allowing a final order to go through – anything from SSL certificates to web hosting and other add-on services – GoDaddy isn’t named, but implied in a […]

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