Jared Ewy’s car got stolen!!!

Getting your domain name stolen by a Chinese or Russian hacker definitely sucks, but losing your family vehicle to a common thief?

That’s just unconscionable! 🙁

Domainer extraordinaire, comedian, and Name.com funny manager “slash” coffee-brewing specialist, Jared Ewy, woke up yesterday facing a shocking reality: his car had been stolen.

And yet, Jared didn’t lose his ample sense of humor, and referred to the empty spot outside his home as a “scenic view”. 😀

Indeed it is, and we hope that Jared will soon get his stolen vehicle back, and that the thief will get arrested. Jared is far too nice to be going through this crap!

In the meantime, we parked a digital Lambo outside to get him going. 🙂


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