Using your new domain names: goes batty with four new great videos!


Jared Ewy and his clones.

For the past several weeks, Jared Ewy‘s family apparently lost track of his whereabouts; the multi-talented comedian/slash spokesperson was busy working on a top secret project about domain names.

It all turned out great, as a series of four videos, titled “Using your new domain names” was revealed today.

First in the series, “Share the best you“, focuses on domain name personalization.

The second part, “Shortcut to awesome“, is about utilizing domains as shortcuts to social and professional network profiles.

The third part in the series, is titled “Looking good is easy“, and it’s about email customization, so that you’ll never use that AOL address again.

Our favorite part has to be the fourth installment in the series, titled “You can build a web site.

It features a re-enactment of the movie Multiplicity, with Jared and his four clones appearing on video to talk about web development.

We weren’t expecting anything less from Jared, so check it out! 😀

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