Sega.Games : First UDRP on a dot .Games domain name

Dot .Games has been a big success for gamers, gaming companies, and domain investors alike. The Rightside gTLD currently has just almost 8,000 .Games domains, per ntldstats. Today, we were made aware of what appears to be the first UDRP filed for a .Games domain, Sega.Games. The Complainant is SEGA Games Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, […]

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Domains exposed : Dot .Games and dot .Live rock TwitchCon 2016

RightSide rolled out dot .Games 10 days ago, and the results are rather awesome. Currently, almost 6000 .Games domains have been registered. Not content with pitching the .Games gTLD to domain investors, its sister company,, took a trip south to California, where TwitchCon 2016 is taking place. From September 30 to October 2, hordes […]

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Dot .Game vs. Dot .Games : And the winner is …

In May, we compared two upcoming, at the time, new gTLDs, catering to the multi-billion dollar game industry: .Game vs. .Games. Uniregistry was about to roll out dot .Game, and things looked equal; then, at launch, the pricing was unveiled to be a rather shocking $1 dollar per day. In the weeks that followed, the […]

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Dot .Games : General availability – so let the games begin

Gamers rejoice! The general availability period opened up for dot .Games, the latest gTLD from RightSide. Although there are plenty of premium-priced .Games domains, the majority will be priced at $15 wholesale. Right now, you can register .Games domains starting at $19.98 at Uniregistry. Prices at other domain registrars will vary. Here’s a press release […]

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AhmetHashish Rahajani : Domain are Pokemon, and Games money make easy

Hello good domainers, and salaam to you, I salute you well from Middle East! It is me, AhmetHashish Rahajani, domainer expert for good earnings and big sales. If know, Pokemon ban at Iran, because security concern. It’s fun game but sad, and have reason. Why? Imagine walk with iPhone in Tehran neighborhood and find Pokemon, […]

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Dot .Games enters Sunrise – Would you register one?

One of the most highly-anticipated new gTLDs this year is dot .Games. Managed by Rightside, the upcoming new top level domain is targeting game enthusiasts and game developers alike. The recent craze over the Pokemon GO is a clear indication of where this extension is heading to: UP! We’ve written extensively on the schedule and […]

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Premium .Games domains : What is the pricing?

Yesterday we brought you details about the upcoming launch of a Rightside gTLD, dot .Games, in September. There is massive potential for end-users, when it hits General Availability on September 21, and without a doubt some domains will carry a premium price tag. We reached out to Rightside in order to get more details on […]

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Doom 2016 : ‘.Game’ versus ‘.Games’ – Who will win the domainer game?

The much-anticipated launch of the “Doom” game remake is scheduled for tomorrow Friday, May 13th. Expected to hit more than a billion dollars in sales, the gruesome first person shooter packs insane graphics that will put most graphics cards to the ultimate test. The online gaming industry is getting stronger by the billions every year; […]

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The domain name – a term that means “playing games” in Chinese – was reportedly sold for $800,000 dollars to online games giant, Changyou. The transaction appears to have completed at the end of December 2013. According to “ (NASDAQ: CYOU) is a leading developer and operator of online games in China as […]

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Did the seller leave money on the table?

Yesterday, we unveiled the sale of to the online games giant, Curse Inc. Apparently, the sale was not as high as expected; instead of mid five figures, the transaction was completed on Sedo for just under $20,000 (15,000 euro). That means, assuming a standard fee of 15%, that the seller gets to keep less […]

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For years, had been an active, developed community and video placeholder for extreme sports fans. Its sale in June of 2010 on Sedo for one dollar short of $50,000 was definitely noteworthy. The seller is a DNForum member who prefers to keep a low profile on his achievements. The buyer was id Software – […]

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Got a piece of domain Gaming news? Better not blink!

There are many sources to information related to games but not all of them relate to domains. It’s actually tricky having to associate events from outside the domain industry to domains themselves. A couple of days ago it was evident that the Nintendo Wii “U” release was asking for a domain of its own: […]

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