AhmetHashish Rahajani : Domain are Pokemon, and Games money make easy

Hello good domainers, and salaam to you, I salute you well from Middle East!

It is me, AhmetHashish Rahajani, domainer expert for good earnings and big sales.

If know, Pokemon ban at Iran, because security concern. It’s fun game but sad, and have reason.


Imagine walk with iPhone in Tehran neighborhood and find Pokemon, and also secret nuke heads.

Boom! Bad idea.

Olympic.Games like Pokemons.

Olympic.Games like Pokemons.

But game invest is make money for domains. Coming .GAMES soon, from Rights Sides company.

I belief!

People all world plays games, from battleships to pacman. I prefer game for mind, because brain 2nd most important muscle of body. Penis first.

Hahaha. Ok. Bad joke.

I tell you, if invest .GAMES, see win. If register, plan now. Many gTLDS coming, and have spend money for invest. Others crap, and .GAMES not crap.


Many domainer ask forum, how make money AhmetHashish?

I tells them, no luck, hard work. And sometime I buy domain from Russian hacker, he know is stolen but I know not. So ok.

Last secret is trademark warning. Be careful.

If watch TV Olympic, it also .GAMES. But no register Olympic.GAMES, bad idea. In USA, trademark.

In Iran, pfffff!

So make smart invest and .GAMES coming up soons. Next month.


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