Doom 2016 : ‘.Game’ versus ‘.Games’ – Who will win the domainer game?

The much-anticipated launch of the “Doom” game remake is scheduled for tomorrow Friday, May 13th.

Expected to hit more than a billion dollars in sales, the gruesome first person shooter packs insane graphics that will put most graphics cards to the ultimate test.

The online gaming industry is getting stronger by the billions every year; if we add the mobile gaming sector exploding in China, we are looking into 12 figures by the end of the decade.

Two domain registries, Uniregistry with dot .Game and Rightside with dot .Games, will battle it out in a “war” of domain name dominance.

Uniregistry is getting ready for general availability for .Game on May 17th, once the gTLD’s sunrise period ends.

Meanwhile Rightside is preparing to launch dot .Games during the 3rd quarter of this year.

Who will benefit more from the launch of their respective brand and gTLD about gaming, Rightside or Uniregistry?

.Game vs .Games

.Game vs .Games

An analysis of Google results return the following:

  • Game : 1.93 billion results
  • Games: 1.150 billion results

While “game” seems to have an advantage for individual references to a game for searches such as “Doom game,” the plural variant “games” definitely wins for classes of games, such as mobile games, shooter games, kids’ games etc.

In other words, both Rightside and Uniregistry are expected to benefit from the launch of their respective, game-related gTLDs. There are millions of gamers around the world and many would want to own their own .game or .games domain.

Are you ready to play the domainer game? 😀

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