Domain rebranding joins Palette Software and Centsoft

Two technology companies, Palette Software and Centsoft, have fused together under a new brand, Rillion. The matching domain name,, becomes the new joint destination for the companies, following this domain rebranding. is a domain brokered by eNaming, the domain brokerage founded by industry professional, Tracy Fogarty. Said Rillion in a press release: Following […]

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Domain sightings: say “Good Times, Great Nuts!”

Searching for some crunchy nuts for your weekend party? Then look no further than Beer Nuts, a great brand of mixed nuts, pretzels, and more. The Beer Nuts brand is memorable, as this domain sighting proves; we paid less than $10 for a large bag of Beer Nuts. They operate from the domain name […]

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OMG! OMR festival unveils supersized Sedo & InterNetX art!

The latest OMR festival in Hamburg, Germany, was yet another opportunity for brand-centric companies like Sedo and InterNetX to promote domain names as brands. OMR 2022 ends today, having attracted hordes of marketing specialists eager to meet in person, after two frustrating years of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the speakers, Quentin Tarantino and Ashton […]

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Meta Pay: Bank changes name after selling off IP assets

Meta, Inc., the mother company of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, has filed for the registration of META PAY in 5 different instances. These trademark registration applications show that Meta intends to launch a payment platform called “META PAY” where users exchange fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Facebook “slash” Meta spent $60 million dollars last year to […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Trademark registration application reveals #domain sale LLC, operators of the premium domain name,, have applied for the registration of the matching mark. The mark consists of a creative design of a thought or text bubble to the left of the wording SPEECHTHERAPY.COM. It’s an “intent to use” application, indicating that the mark has not seen commercial use yet. After […]

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After 25 years, c|net drops the pipe, rebrands its identity

Goodbye c|net, hello CNET. One of the leading technology media brands on the internet during the past 25 years, announced that it’s rebranding. In the process, the pipe symbol “|” is removed from its identity. No worries, the domain name does not change! 😀 Rolling out a new identity and site design among other […]

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Branding done right: “Dyson Zone” arrives with the exact match #domain

Companies with an established brand, such as Dyson, create new exciting products all the time. The British giant is the manufacturer of vacuum cleaning devices for decades; Dyson has unveiled Dyson Zone, a hybrid product. The Dyson Zone is touted as a revolutionary combination of a noise-canceling headset and air purifier. Combined together, the headset […]

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Domain sightings: Dryer Vent Wizard with two extra bonus #domains

You can create a great brand such as Dryer Vent Wizard that consists of three words: Dryer, vent, and wizard. It’s that simple. The photo below shows the company’s van on a service call, apparently. We love the choice of branding colors and how everything is laid out, compactly. The company operates from the matching […]

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Domain rebranding: the default home for Midwest #Tungsten Service

Midwest Tungsten Service was founded in 1958, offering raw materials such as tungsten and tungsten heavy metal alloys, molybdenum, and tantalum. The company has been operating from the domain name but its best-kept secret is that it also owns for more than 20 years. In fact, per this record, the domain […]

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Top brands: The utilization of premium #domain names

It’s not a secret that numerous world-famous companies own and operate high-value domain names, also known as “premium domains.” Are you curious to find out how they use these digital assets? Simone Catania, Global Content & Communications Manager of InterNetX, our kind sponsors, will show you how five top brand operators utilize premium domains with […]

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Meta Platforms to acquire Accusonus for up to 100 million Euro

Accusonus is a Greek company that creates and licenses sound-processing software that uses AI. Formed in 2012 and launched in 2014, the company employs approximately 50 people and prides itself in the broad use of its software among sound engineers and companies worldwide. For example, Accusonus products are used by engineers working with musicians such […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. CEO: Buy the matching .com of your start-up!

Back in November 2021, The founder of, an online repository of “digital nomad” jobs, complained about having to pay to acquire the domain. It seems that he did the right thing to acquire the .com, however, as the domain rebranding from the .io sent his company’s traffic and brand recognition skyrocketing. Sharing traffic data […]

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