No longer just a #Greek island: Buyer of the #domain unveiled

A little over a year ago we shared news of the domain selling to an unknown entity, with the help of Samos, located in the enchanting waters of the eastern Aegean Sea, is a picturesque Greek island with profound history and awe-inspiring vistas. Adorned with winding mountain paths, pristine beaches, and charming eateries, […]

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Samos is a beautiful Greek island in the eastern Aegean sea, with rich history and breath-taking views. The verdant island with mountain trails, beaches & restaurants, is the birthplace of mathematician Pythagoras and philosopher Epicurus. The Muscat wines from Samos are legendary. Meanwhile, the matching .com domain name,, was registered in 1997 and in […]

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Trip in View: Explore the Greek coastlines right from your browser

Greece has thousands of miles of coastlines, both along the mainland and its hundreds of Aegean islands. A new project called Trip in View aims at bringing you photos and videos of the Greek coastlines; there are more than 200,000 Greek photos and 120 hours of HD video shot from a helicopter. You too can […]

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Sergei Putanov: Russian domain billionaire buys Skorpios island

Sergei Putanov, the Russian multi-billionaire real estate and domain investor, has acquired the Greek Skorpios island – former resort of the late Greek magnate, Aristotle Onassis. The sale, reputedly worth 100 million British pounds ($154 million dollars,) was completed after Athina Onassis-Roussel, grand-daughter of Aristotle Onassis, was approached by Putanov for a potential sale. Our […]

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Mayor of Greek island sues Apple over iOS trademark

Christos Manolis Papadoyannakis, the mayor of the Greek island of Ios is thinking big, like “100 million dollars big.” “Apple stole our name and property, just like the Brits took the Parthenon marbles”, says the mayor. “Nobody malakas takes away an ancient Greek name like Ios and use it without a license,” adds the mayor, […]

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Earlier today, DNJournal announced the sale of – a brokered deal by Media Options, the same folks that brokered the sale of for a price between $1 dollar and $1 billion dollars. was owned by a Prince Andrew before the WHOIS for the domain went “dark” and was just sold for $235,000 […]

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