Sergei Putanov: Russian domain billionaire buys Skorpios island

Skorpios island

Skorpios island

Sergei Putanov, the Russian multi-billionaire real estate and domain investor, has acquired the Greek Skorpios island – former resort of the late Greek magnate, Aristotle Onassis.

The sale, reputedly worth 100 million British pounds ($154 million dollars,) was completed after Athina Onassis-Roussel, grand-daughter of Aristotle Onassis, was approached by Putanov for a potential sale.

Our correspondent in Ekaterinburg, Nikolai Domienenko secured a short interview with the Russian oligarch, Sergei Putanov:

Nikolai Domienenko: Mr. Putanov, what was the reason you spent 117 million euro to purchase the Greek island of Skorpios?

Sergei Putanov: As invest in Greece, I say opportunity come when market down. So now market dictate, buy. I have money, and right time invest real estate. I am happy purchase, Athina gorgeous woman, shame she married.

Nikolai: How do you plan to take advantage of the mythos surrounding the Skorpios island and its former owner, Aristotle Onassis?

Sergei: Look, I invest and grow. Hotel is not fit area small, but dacha very well have space. Summer go visit with Ukraine womens, smoke cigar, eat caviar and look at sea, then eat fishes and have wine and sex. Greeks know secret of life, understand?

Nikolai: Very wise of you, Sergei. So what about domain names, are you taking a break from such investments?

Sergei: No break, only break leg those who not pay. Ha! But serious, I invest 117 million euros and domain market now peanuts, why worry? Spend time with Ukraine woman, have man fun. I invite you, if like.

Nikolai: Sergei, very gracious of you to invite me to the Skorpios island, thank you very much. And best of luck with your new Greek real estate!

Sergei: I invest in land, never bank. Other lost billion in Cyprus bailout but how I lose anything when land is not moving? Bye now.

Nikolai: Have a good night, Sergei; thank you for sharing your thoughts and secrets with us.


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  1. Picas says:

    I agreed with you mr. Comrade Putinop

  2. Konstantinos Zournas says:

    Me prolave o Putanov. Domain me domain mazeva ta lefta…
    Se 1598 xronia tha ta eixa mazepsei…

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