No longer just a #Greek island: Buyer of the #domain unveiled

A little over a year ago we shared news of the domain selling to an unknown entity, with the help of Samos, located in the enchanting waters of the eastern Aegean Sea, is a picturesque Greek island with profound history and awe-inspiring vistas. Adorned with winding mountain paths, pristine beaches, and charming eateries, […]

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Samos is a beautiful Greek island in the eastern Aegean sea, with rich history and breath-taking views. The verdant island with mountain trails, beaches & restaurants, is the birthplace of mathematician Pythagoras and philosopher Epicurus. The Muscat wines from Samos are legendary. Meanwhile, the matching .com domain name,, was registered in 1997 and in […]

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Is this the most expensive DNS change ever?

Government contracts can be quite rewarding, and in the case of the Samos municipality in Greece, the task involved appears to be minimal. As reported on the Greek government portal that publishes such contractual agreements, the project involved implementing the necessary DNS changes, in order to redirect three domain names: Per […]

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