PSD Underwear upgraded to via Telepathy

PSD Underwear has acquired the ultra-premium, three letter domain in a major instance of domain rebranding. The domain’s sellers, Telepathy, Inc., apparently scored a nice sale of this aged domain name mainly associated with Photoshop format files (PSD.) Currently, forwards to as the premium men’s and women’s underwear brand uses “PSD” as […]

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Entrepreneur upgrades .io to .com; calls it a wife-like commitment

Mr. Payton Clark Smith operates semflow, the only SEO Chrome extension for Webflow. The latter is an in-browser design tool that gives you the power to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually. Since launch, the domain used by semflow has been but this is going to change soon. In a message via Twitter, […]

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Vela Wood (VW) is a boutique corporate law firm with a local feel and a global impact, focusing its practice in the areas of M&A, Private Equity, Fund Representation, and Venture Transactions, according to their web site at The Austin and Dallas law firm has completed a unique domain rebranding, moving to the shorter […]

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Hack The Box: #Greek start-up’s essential upgrade to the .com #domain name

Hack The Box, a Greek cybersecurity start-up, has raised $55 million dollars in a Series B investment by Carlyle, a global investment firm based in Washington, D.C. Founded in 2017, Hack The Box is an online platform for infosec professionals, providing tools to test and advance one’s skills in penetration testing and cybersecurity. The company […]

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RIP Microacquire, long live The company officially rebranded today, in a message by its CEO, Andrew Gazdecki: In short, you’ve helped us evolve from that early marketplace with big ambitions into a global platform capable of achieving them.  The “micro” just doesn’t apply anymore, and as a result, we’re rebranding to  Not only […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Shocking domain rebranding to a lesser brandable

When you operate from a generic keyword .com domain such as you have to consider potential negative connotations. Registered in 1995, this beauty of a domain appears to project assertive vibes; since late 2012 it has been used by a traveling/camp planning company with a global footprint. Although the domain name was acquired […]

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The domain was acquired by Microacquire

Microacquire, a company that assists other companies get acquired at a higher valuation, has acquired the premium, aged domain The transaction appears to have completed via the Uniregistry Market and its former Korean registrant must be truly happy. Microacquire is now planning to rebrand, as Andrew Gazdecki, CEO, noted: Your favorite startup acquisition marketplace […]

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Gold Key Auto is a car dealership in Waycross, Georgia. For years, they operated from the domain name but they have some big news to share: they acquired the matching .com, finally! In a fun press release, the company shares the “outrageous” news of paying $2,500 dollars to get the domain via GoDaddy, […]

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Microsoft 365 taking over the domain name

Operating system software giant, Microsoft, has been using the domain name for its Microsoft Office suite of programs and apps. Beginning in November 2022, the Office app is becoming the Microsoft 365 app; the services provided from the domain name will be moved to In January 2023, changes will begin rolling out […]

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#GetEmails LLC rebrands as, applies for #trademark registration

GetEmails LLC, a software company formed in Austin, Texas in 2019, has rebranded to Retention, operating from the domain name Previously, the company operated from the domain name, which now forwards to as part of the company’s domain rebranding, courtesy of the CEO, Adam Robinson. The domain was acquired from its prior […]

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Upgrading one’s range of regional domains that use ccTLDs to a .com, is the ultimate goal of any brand that seeks to establish an international footprint. Smoothly, a brand with online presence in Europe’s local markets such as the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Germany, has acquired The seller of the domain appears to be […]

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The real Meta: Company sues Meta, Inc. over #domain rebranding

Meta is a Greek prefix word indicating a post or follow-up action; it’s also the new brand that Facebook’s umbrella corporation chose last year. Since then, the obvious “metaverse” shortcut has been used and abused worldwide and many companies have adopted “meta” as part of their corporate name. One of them claims prior rights to […]

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