Domain sold by Telepathy in massive upgrade

Upgrading one’s range of regional domains that use ccTLDs to a .com, is the ultimate goal of any brand that seeks to establish an international footprint. Smoothly, a brand with online presence in Europe’s local markets such as the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Germany, has acquired The seller of the domain appears to be […]

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The real Meta: Company sues Meta, Inc. over #domain rebranding

Meta is a Greek prefix word indicating a post or follow-up action; it’s also the new brand that Facebook’s umbrella corporation chose last year. Since then, the obvious “metaverse” shortcut has been used and abused worldwide and many companies have adopted “meta” as part of their corporate name. One of them claims prior rights to […]

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Donuts Digital: New brand for manager of 10,000 new gTLDs

Donuts Inc., managers of more than ten thousand new gTLDs, has engaged in domain rebranding. Formerly known as Donuts Domains, the company is now moving to new, exciting pastures as “Donuts Digital.” Charlie Donut, founder and CEO of Donuts Digital, announced the new brand earlier today: “At Donuts Inc. and Afilias, Inc. we have a […]

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Domain rebranding: is the new name of HearHere

HearHere, a storytelling app co-founded by actor and director Kevin Costner, is finally going through a domain rebranding round. The brand’s new name is Autio, supported by the matching domain name Woody Sears, the app’s co-founder said: “Our brand evolution is synonymous with our mission to provide accessible and user-friendly content for all travelers. […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Domain rebranding joins Palette Software and Centsoft

Two technology companies, Palette Software and Centsoft, have fused together under a new brand, Rillion. The matching domain name,, becomes the new joint destination for the companies, following this domain rebranding. is a domain brokered by eNaming, the domain brokerage founded by industry professional, Tracy Fogarty. Said Rillion in a press release: Following […]

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Meta Pay: Bank changes name after selling off IP assets

Meta, Inc., the mother company of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, has filed for the registration of META PAY in 5 different instances. These trademark registration applications show that Meta intends to launch a payment platform called “META PAY” where users exchange fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Facebook “slash” Meta spent $60 million dollars last year to […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. Major real estate corp moves to Réunion ccTLD

Realogy, an American real estate services company founded in 2006 owns and franchises several real estate brands and brokerages. Operating from the matching domain,, it offers relocation, lead generation, title, and settlement services. So far so good. The company announced its domain rebranding that departs from the Realogy brand and moves onto becoming Anywhere. […]

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Domain rebranding: & might be available in the future!

Three letter .com domains are the quintessential coinage of the domain industry. Quality letters are hard to find and it seems that a pair of LLL .com domains might be available in the future! and are the two domains that might be hitting the chopping block, as their respective owners agreed to merge, […]

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Domain rebranding: Summary of the past 10 days

Domain rebranding involves the domain changes to facilitate an improved or new brand, product, or corporate name. Dozens of companies change their domain name every week, most likely. Some changes are more noticeable than others and there is no organized list of such domain rebranding that takes place. Thanks to Dommunity we’ve seen quite a […]

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NameCheap hints of acquisition and brand expansion

An ongoing discussion on Twitter unveiled some interesting news: NameCheap, the world’s second biggest domain registrar, might be rebranding as Spaceship. The matching domain name,, has been secured. Interestingly, there are two existing trademark registrations and one pending application at the USPTO. Here’s what we found: Registration of the mark SPACESHIP, dated 2019: Domain […]

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Domain rebranding: the default home for Midwest #Tungsten Service

Midwest Tungsten Service was founded in 1958, offering raw materials such as tungsten and tungsten heavy metal alloys, molybdenum, and tantalum. The company has been operating from the domain name but its best-kept secret is that it also owns for more than 20 years. In fact, per this record, the domain […]

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Performed “domain rebranding” recently? Google needs the old #domain up for a year!

Performing any type of domain rebranding, the process of pointing a domain, subdomain, or other online content to a new domain, requires some maintenance for SEO purposes. If you want Google to “move over” your content from the previous domain name to the new one, you’d better be prepared for some long haul redirection! That’s […]

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