goes on sale as company rebrands itself to, the premium domain name supporting an app-converging platform, is in a domain rebranding process. The funded company that was formed with Frank Schilling as an early investor has switched to the domain, thus renaming itself as Webtop. Rolf Larsen, co-founder, shared the news of the company’s move to the domain: I’m thrilled […]

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The domain name has been acquired by domain brokerage powerhouse, Lumis, on behalf of their client. is a domain registered in 2002 that appears to have been in the possession of domain investor, Michele Dinoia. The new registrant is a securities-based lending product provider with lines of credit underwritten through BNY Mellon’s LoanAdvance […]

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Domain rebranding: launches, changing from CarCare To Go

CarCare To Go is a full service car repair service with locations in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. They offer a vehicle pick up service and it seems that they just scored a major domain rebranding overhaul. Moving from the domain to the shorter and much easier to remember,, was the culmination of […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. trademark registration application follows domain acquisition

Switzerland based AG, operators of the ultra premium domain name, have filed for the registration of the matching mark, CAKE.COM. The mark consists of standard characters, without claim to any particular font style, size, or color. The mark’s application was filed, in part, for the following products/services: Recorded and downloadable media; computer software; […]

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Domain rebranding: Valuetainment moves to

The short, two letter domain has changed hands in yet another case of domain rebranding. According to news shared on social media by the founder of Valuetainment, Patrick Bet-David, the company is excited to have acquired the domain Right now, forwards to The international company “is the leading source for information, […]

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Domain rebranding: Trellian becomes Trillion with

Goodbye Trellian, hello Trillion! Finally, a brand that can be spelled right. The Aussie company moves from to, although the two domains resolve to distinct web sites, for the time being. Announcing the monumental change, Trellian/Trillion founder and CEO, David Warmuz, said: “Worth the wait! Finally a name that one can spell! As […]

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Domains with “X” are cool but the Twitter rebranding is horrendous

Using domains that contain the letter “X” has always been rather cool and against the norm. Maybe due to the political impact of Malcolm X, or the intro to religion, cyberspace, and afterlife by Norman Spinrad and his Deus X novel. Whatever your drive is to register or acquire domains that consist of the letter […]

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Domain rebranding: Buyer of flipped it for a nice profit

At the beginning of the year, the buyer of the domain name acquired it at an auction of expired .AI domains for the sum of $610 dollars. That sales amount seems to be a great bargain, for a popular, generic ccTLD that matches the “PDF” keyword. Indeed, the person who acquired just 5 […]

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Just sold: Domain seller gave buyer a whopping $70,000 dollar discount!

The Dutch seller of gave the buyer a massive discount on Afternic, taking off $70,000 dollars from the original asking price and selling it for “just” $10,000 dollars. Upgrading from the matching .co to the prestigious, aged .com domain, the buyer wasn’t yet sure if he made the right choice (our honest opinion: hell […]

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PSD Underwear upgraded to via Telepathy

PSD Underwear has acquired the ultra-premium, three letter domain in a major instance of domain rebranding. The domain’s sellers, Telepathy, Inc., apparently scored a nice sale of this aged domain name mainly associated with Photoshop format files (PSD.) Currently, forwards to as the premium men’s and women’s underwear brand uses “PSD” as […]

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Entrepreneur upgrades .io to .com; calls it a wife-like commitment

Mr. Payton Clark Smith operates semflow, the only SEO Chrome extension for Webflow. The latter is an in-browser design tool that gives you the power to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually. Since launch, the domain used by semflow has been but this is going to change soon. In a message via Twitter, […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. handles transaction of domain rebranding for law firm

Vela Wood (VW) is a boutique corporate law firm with a local feel and a global impact, focusing its practice in the areas of M&A, Private Equity, Fund Representation, and Venture Transactions, according to their web site at The Austin and Dallas law firm has completed a unique domain rebranding, moving to the shorter […]

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