Domain sightings: Go with Uni!

I do miss Uni. It was the best. Frank Schilling’s epic company wrapped up everything domain investors wanted and needed. Alas, its sad demise thanks to GoDaddy using it as the Trojan horse to get to Frank’s domain portfolio came too soon. It’s fun when I came across this other domain though, It’s printed […]

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It’s HUGE: Frank Schilling’s new asset exceeds all human dimensions!

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Frank Schilling, has always projected a bigger than human persona. In the days of ancient Greece, he would have been a demigod or hero, like Theseus or Jason, or a warrior like Achilles. After selling his domain empire to GoDaddy for a ungodly amount of reportedly $100 million dollars, Frank Schilling […]

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Domain Name Sales, operating from, was Frank Schilling‘s in-house platform for monetizing & selling his extensive domain portfolio. Manned by a team of brokers that were given full reign on negotiating with potential buyers, the platform grew fast. By 2012, it was open to the general public, setting the foundation for the launch of […]

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Uniregistry no longer resolves to a page under its own domain name, The phenomenal company built by Frank Schilling and operated by great engineers and brokers, is no more; it redirects to Three years after its acquisition by GoDaddy, the company was dismantled, all while its capable engineers and domain brokers moved to […]

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A domain backdoor at Uniregistry?

In 2020, GoDaddy acquired Uniregistry, taking over its IP, talent, and Frank Schilling‘s domain portfolio. Fast forward three years and both Uniregistry and the Uni Market are domain venues of the past. Domain investors that used Uni(registry) to manage their domains are now able to do so under the GoDaddy interface. These domains are still […]

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The operators of the domain name have filed for the matching mark’s registration with the USPTO. A fresh application for WRENCHING.COM cites February 2023 as the date of first use of the mark in interstate commerce, for the following products/services: Footwear; Hats; Headwear; Shirts; Bottoms as clothing; Tops as clothing The application also describes […]

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Uniregistry sunset: Domains to move to GoDaddy by April 30th

Uniregistry, the domain registrar, is owned and operated by GoDaddy. The acquisition took place 3 years ago and the company is sunsetting its registrar services. By April 30th, all Uniregistry accounts are moving to GoDaddy, completing a process that began a year ago but which allowed “domainer” accounts to continue operating. Domain parking and selling […]

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RIP Uni Market

The Uni Market, Frank Schilling’s inception of a progressive domain marketplace, will be terminated at the mid of April. An email sent out to users of the platform can be reviewed below: As part of the Uni integration with GoDaddy, we will be retiring the Uni Market, parking platform, self-brokerage service product and Uni App […]

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Uniregistry to close down by mid-year

GoDaddy-owned Uniregistry is set to end its operations and close down “mid-year.” Responses from Uniregistry Support sent to one of its users were confirmed independently. There is no set date currently but in the coming month or so there will be an official announcement from Uniregistry about the company’s close and full transition of existing […]

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Delayed rum cakes sent by Uniregistry arrive!

A batch of rum cakes sent out by Uniregistry in late 2019 have finally reached their destination, three full years later. The famous cakes were a trademark gift from Frank Schilling to friends and associates and many have missed receiving them, ever since Uniregistry was sold to GoDaddy. A total of five rum cakes with […]

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Frank Schilling, Rick Schwartz, Mike Mann: What does an AI text generator think of them!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often used in the field of text generation, which involves the use of algorithms and machine learning techniques to automatically generate human-like text. AI-powered text generation systems are able to analyze large amounts of data, identify patterns and relationships, and generate natural-sounding text that is similar to human writing. In fact, […]

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Port Zeus: Frank Schilling’s mega-project in the Cayman Islands

Frank Schilling‘s entrepreneurial interests stretched well beyond domain names, long before his successful exit from the domain industry. The sale of a massive domain portfolio and Uniregistry to GoDaddy, along with the subsequent sale of UNR, freed Frank from doing what he loves the most: exploring the world. But in a world massive enough to […]

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