Port Zeus: Frank Schilling’s mega-project in the Cayman Islands

Frank Schilling‘s entrepreneurial interests stretched well beyond domain names, long before his successful exit from the domain industry.

The sale of a massive domain portfolio and Uniregistry to GoDaddy, along with the subsequent sale of UNR, freed Frank from doing what he loves the most: exploring the world.

But in a world massive enough to roam, one must call one place home; Frank Schilling’s established headquarters in the Cayman Islands are now driving a new project forward.

In recent months, Frank Schilling has been involved in real estate development and even modern art but it’s the latest project, Port Zeus, that has everyone excited. Named after the legendary father of all Greek gods, the port’s name means a bit  more to Schilling, whose youngest son shares the same bold first name of ancient times.

Port Zeus operates from PortZeus.com, a domain that conveniently forwards to its Cayman Islands ccTLD. The project’s plans incorporate a 350 ft long dock that protects the natural habitat of the Cayman Brac, all while allowing for the development of a marina, shops, and other amenities.

As the project’s executive summary states:

Mr. Schilling spent his summers traveling the small islands of Greece and was struck by the observation that isles much smaller than Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, had bustling economies with villages, bakeries, fish markets, lively town squares. The access to safe-harbour and the sea makes small ferry service between islands possible, and so he thought, why can’t we activate our sister-islands for our people in this same way?

It’s an intriguing view of a man’s vision that evolved by observing the world well beyond their own; it might be a port for Zeus but it’s captain Frank “Odysseus” Schilling that will bring this roaming ship home.

For more information, visit PortZeus.com.

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