Is Frank Schilling a billionaire?

Frank Schilling is perhaps the most successful domain entrepreneur in recent memory. The Uniregistry founder sold the bulk of his domain portfolio, along with Uniregistry to GoDaddy last year; since then, Frank Schilling has switched the scope of his investments to real estate development in the Cayman Islands. Frank Schilling is also expanding into air […]

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Is Frank Schilling paying for a seat on the Virgin Galactic shuttle?

Frank Schilling‘s passion for entrepreneurial actions and aviation are well-known. The Uniregistry founder enjoys flying around the world now that the global pandemic numbers are positively affected by the Covid-19 vaccine. It seems that Frank’s plans to launch his own airline in the Cayman Islands are taking fruition. He plans to transform the surrounding area […]

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Frank Schilling‘s amazing shift from domains to real estate is fueled by a passion to build on fresh ground. The Uniregistry founder has been unveiling his projects in the Cayman Islands, and the latest is a marina and village to be built on the pristine Cayman Brac. Schilling says he’s investing out of a love […]

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From domains to real estate: Frank Schilling’s latest investments

Last month we noted how the legendary Frank Schilling has moved from .com to condominium investments in the Cayman Islands. The greatest domainer of all time sold the vast majority of his domain assets to GoDaddy last year, along with Uniregistry. Once again, news from the Cayman Islands indicate Frank Schilling’s current investments target the […]

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From .com to condominium: Frank Schilling’s real estate plans for the future

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Frank Schilling, sold the majority of his portfolio to GoDaddy last year, along with various assets of Uniregistry. Some of the remaining assets consisting of the Uni Naming & Registry TLDs were auctioned off recently, generating a reported $40 million dollars. There’s no doubt Frank Schilling’s business genius takes him from […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : A 1995 geo-domain just dropped! has just dropped, losing its original domain registration date of 1995. This great geo-domain expired and was promptly caught by DropCatch, the 800-lbs gorilla of domain drop-catching. Why would drop, despite being a generic term describing the Cayman Islands? Very likely, because it was managed by an email on a “” account that […]

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Rick Schwartz takes a surprise trip to the Caymans!

Rick Schwartz donned his “Make America Great Again” hat and took a trip to the Caymans. The surprise visit of the Domain King at the Uniregistry headquarters was shared by Frank Schilling. The two men took an impromptu selfie that was shared on Twitter, where Frank mentioned the following: “The King came to Mecca today. […]

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Build your own burger domain, with the new Uniregistry .Burger TLD

Long before .Sexy, .Guitar and .Tattoo became active new gTLDs on the Internet, there was dot .Burger – existing on a restaurant paper towel. Fast forward a couple of years, and Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry is about to make that sketch, a reality. “I had this crazy idea while having dinner at my favorite restaurant in […]

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Cayman Islands marketing forum features Frank’s focus

The Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association (CIMPA) is holding a forum event, on October 13th. Location: The Cayman Islands, home of Uniregistry. Aimed at professionals in the mobile marketing, digital media and domain innovation and branding, the event will feature Frank Schilling as a speaker. The marketing professionals of the Caymans will attend in order […]

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Cayman Islands opens up .KY domains with the help of Uniregistry

As of yesterday, anyone can register a Cayman Islands domain name ending in .KY. September 2nd marks the beginning of a new era for the .ky ccTLD, aspiring to become a magnet to businesses already local, or those aspiring to become part of the Cayman Islands’ folklore. The dot .ky ccTLD is now available the […]

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Dot .KY : Uniregistry preparing for worldwide availability of Cayman domain names

Uniregistry announced its direct managing of dot .KY domains in March; the ccTLD for the Cayman Islands will soon be available for anyone to register. About 4,000 individuals and businesses have signed up for the Sunrise period registrations, which gives local businesses ‘first dibs’ to domains. Current domain registrants also have until September 2nd to […]

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Cayman Islands open up .ky domains with the help of Uniregistry

The Cayman Islands Government is opening the dot .ky ccTLD to the entire world, thanks to new regulations and with the assistance of Uniregistry. From September 2nd, the entire world will have the opportunity to register all available names with a .ky ending. There is a Sunrise period, during which local businesses, residents and individuals, […]

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