: A 1995 geo-domain just dropped! has just dropped, losing its original domain registration date of 1995.

This great geo-domain expired and was promptly caught by DropCatch, the 800-lbs gorilla of domain drop-catching.

Why would drop, despite being a generic term describing the Cayman Islands?

Very likely, because it was managed by an email on a “” account that was left unattended. We’ve warned about the use of such wired or wireless “cable” providers’ emails and how one can lose access to them. – Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels expired on December 12, 2020 and at the time it was registered to Mr. Elliott Goldstein of E. L. G. Enterprises Corp based in Glenside, Pennsylvania. The domain was with NameSecure, a sister registrant of NetSol under the umbrella.

Without doubt, will end up selling for a lot of money on DropCatch. Currently, there are almost 100 bids with the highest at $850 but the price is expected to jump soon.

Perhaps Frank Schilling would be interested? 😀

Update: sold for $11,938 dollars at DropCatch, as seen below:

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