From domains to real estate: Frank Schilling’s latest investments

Frank Schilling loves airplanes and aviation.

Last month we noted how the legendary Frank Schilling has moved from .com to condominium investments in the Cayman Islands. The greatest domainer of all time sold the vast majority of his domain assets to GoDaddy last year, along with Uniregistry.

Once again, news from the Cayman Islands indicate Frank Schilling’s current investments target the booming real estate industry and aviation projects.

An aviation firm that had announced plans to station Black Hawk helicopters on a part of the Grand Cayman called Cayman Brac, has sold its land on the island to Frank Schilling.

The internet investor plans to roll out his own aviation company, currently named “Brac & Forth.” Someone from Bulgaria registered the domain yesterday. There’s no doubt this might dent Frank’s plans for that name. Perhaps a new name would be “Schilling Air!” πŸ˜€

According to the Cayman Compass, the new project, adapted from a plan Frank Schilling already had in motion for a different site, close to the runway, would place the buildings and facilities strategically to shield the airside activity from the road and public park. The plan for the newΒ  business would enable better cargo, private aviation, and other commercial services currently not available on the Cayman Brac.

More details here.

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