It’s HUGE: Frank Schilling’s new asset exceeds all human dimensions!

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Frank Schilling, has always projected a bigger than human persona. In the days of ancient Greece, he would have been a demigod or hero, like Theseus or Jason, or a warrior like Achilles.

After selling his domain empire to GoDaddy for a ungodly amount of reportedly $100 million dollars, Frank Schilling has plenty of time to enjoy life.

The multi-faceted entrepreneur took on real estate development in the Cayman islands that involves luxury hotels and a Greek island style pier with shops. The Port Zeus marina is under construction but Frank Schilling’s Mykonos restaurant is already a destination of choice for Cayman islanders that want to taste authentic Greek food.

And now for the huge, really HUGE news: the 5 tonne,  20+ foot tall, 45 ft long Tyrannosaurus Rex made out of shiny metal commissioned by Frank Schilling is ready, standing tall at his rental property in Penticton, British Columbia.

Alice – image sourced from

Nicknamed “Alice” and the work of Chilliwack-based metal sculptor Kevin Stone, the T-Rex is of superhuman size, costing a total of about $395,000 Canadian dollars in labor and materials.

“I’ve always liked dinosaurs and I thought, well, maybe it’s time to build that giant dinosaur that I wanted,” said Frank Schilling to CBC Canada.

It’s an asset that combines art with Frank Schilling’s grand personality and unlike domain names, it’s here to stay.

Watch the video:

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