Delayed rum cakes sent by Uniregistry arrive!

A batch of rum cakes sent out by Uniregistry in late 2019 have finally reached their destination, three full years later.

The famous cakes were a trademark gift from Frank Schilling to friends and associates and many have missed receiving them, ever since Uniregistry was sold to GoDaddy.

A total of five rum cakes with time stamps from December 2019 are now in the possession of their domain investor owners.

“There’s no way I’m eating this rum cake that’s been in storage or in transit for three damn years,” said Patrick S. of Peoria, Ill.

“I love you Frank, but I would have preferred a Christmas card or a $10 voucher in my Uni account at the time,” added the seasoned domainer, dumping the US Mail parcel in the trash.

If you are one of the other four lucky recipients of rum cakes from Uniregistry, you have a couple of options:

You can save them sealed as a memento from a bygone era, or you can dispose of them in the local trash field that receives dangerous materials, such as batteries, paint, and other chemicals.

Whatever you do, please do not eat them!

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