Domain sightings: Go with Uni!

I do miss Uni. It was the best. Frank Schilling’s epic company wrapped up everything domain investors wanted and needed. Alas, its sad demise thanks to GoDaddy using it as the Trojan horse to get to Frank’s domain portfolio came too soon. It’s fun when I came across this other domain though, It’s printed […]

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Domain Name Sales, operating from, was Frank Schilling‘s in-house platform for monetizing & selling his extensive domain portfolio. Manned by a team of brokers that were given full reign on negotiating with potential buyers, the platform grew fast. By 2012, it was open to the general public, setting the foundation for the launch of […]

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Bye bye, #Uniregistry DNS

In an update to its members, Uniregistry announced that its dedicated nameservers (DNS) will be changing to that of GoDaddy. The migration involves no downtime and will involve the retirement of the and DNS. Uniregistry has also announced that due to the ongoing unification of Uniregistry as a GoDaddy-owned brand, the option to […]

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List of 5 companies #GoDaddy might be buying next

GoDaddy is on a roll; the acquisition of Uniregistry, Neustar, and now .CLUB and .Design along with MMX, indicates that the largest domain registrar in the world has aspirations of galactic size. These acquisitions are an indication that GoDaddy’s appetite for a bigger share of the pie is just getting whetted. Here’s a list of […]

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Uniregistry moving to daily payouts for domain sales

Uniregistry is revamping its payment process in the coming months. The new process will manage all future payments and services to help streamline the payment experience of customers. What types of improvements are slated for the payment system? According to Uniregistry: Market payouts will be processed daily after your sale has been completed. The minimum […]

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Frank Schilling’s #Uniregistry is now Uni Naming & Registry!

Big news from Uniregistry, Frank Schilling’s company that manages the new gTLDs, after other parts of the company were sold to GoDaddy. We uncovered that Uniregistry – Uni for short – began using the three letter domain, At the same time, Uniregistry hired Shayan Rostam as new Chief Growth Officer of UNR. The company’s […]

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Uniregistry rebranded its services division to Uni a little over two years ago, and many thought that it was a move requiring the matching .com domain, That deal probably was too expensive to complete, and a fallback solution involved the domain, that Frank Schilling’s Name Administration had acquired in early 2017. Its Spanish […]

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#Uniregistry Brokerage: Top 20 #domains sold – “On hold”

There will be no weekly Uniregistry brokerage report for today. We contacted Uniregistry, and the feedback was that “the weekly sales report is on hold currently.” While this might change in the future, this change in scheduled reporting of brokered domain sales is indicative of changes due to the acquisition of parts of Uniregistry by […]

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#Uniregistry : #Domain app goes dark!

Uni App, the multi-function gateway to managing domain names at Uniregistry via mobile devices, has gone dark. The mature domain platform was launched almost 4 years ago on Apple devices, and moved subsequently to Android as well. Note: Uniregistry is a premium sponsor of The new release (4.8.1) of the Uni App for Android […]

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#Uni Brokerage report: Top 20 #domains sold in the week ending Sept 16, 2019

Uniregistry, a DomainGang sponsor, announced its Top 20 sales for the week ending September 16, 2019. Top sale: at $57,500 dollars. The report includes only domain sales that can be shared publicly, and only domains that were sold using the services of the Uni Brokerage team — not self-brokered sales. Here’s the list of […]

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New high scores at the #Uniregistry “jumping chicken” game!

Visitors to have achieved new high scores, on its popular jumping chicken game. The browser game consists of a chicken avoiding obstacles, and is controlled with the space bar of the keyboard. Uniregistry has been installing “shiny new code” currently, and while the downtime of the services is temporary, many domain investors took advantage […]

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