Uniregistry.com now just a GoDaddy URL forward

Uniregistry no longer resolves to a page under its own domain name, Uniregistry.com. The phenomenal company built by Frank Schilling and operated by great engineers and brokers, is no more; it redirects to GoDaddy.com.

Three years after its acquisition by GoDaddy, the company was dismantled, all while its capable engineers and domain brokers moved to positions within GoDaddy, or to other pastures.

Rest assured that Uniregistry, the registrar, is not going away soon. With almost 500,000 domains under management, the registrar is not open to the general public. However, when the final transitions of domain accounts took place this year, keeping the registrar intact was important. What changed was the domain management environment, GoDaddy 2.0-ish.

We miss Uniregistry and the seamless environment it created, both as a registrar, a registry, and as a domain sales and PPC platform. It was ahead of its time and to this day it remains one of the greatest domain industry companies ever created. The recent URL forwarding took down the superb Uniregistry blog as well.

And yes, the DomainMarketSales backdoor works still.

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