#GoDaddy takes over #Uniregistry domain accounts

The final countdown has begun: GoDaddy is taking over Uniregistry accounts containing portfolios of domain names.

As expected “some time in May” the process started early on. An email sent from Uniregistry remind portfolio holders that their domains are already transitioned to GoDaddy.

The email says in part:

You’ve arrived here from Uniregistry, and we think you’ll like it at GoDaddy. We took care of everything we could automatically, but there are a few things we can’t do for you, like choosing a new password.

It appears that all domains are indeed moved to GoDaddy’s management system, without a need for a registrar transfer or other push. You will be prompted to create a new password for the new account id that the email provides you with.

You can merge your new account with an existing account at GoDaddy but keep in mind that this requires the involvement of GoDaddy tech support. There is no real need to merge accounts, unless you plan to keep your Uniregistry domains at GoDaddy.

Once you reset your password, you are good to go. WHOIS privacy is retained as previously set at Uniregistry; don’t expect your domains to renew at Uniregistry prices, however. The current settings seem to be at retail, with an exorbitant renewal price of $19.99 per .com domain!

It’s safe to say that you should be transferring your domains to a domainer-friendly, cheaper domain registrar that doesn’t charge retail pricing.

RIP Uni Market & Uniregistry.

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