Omnia Vincit: Frank Schilling’s book is out!

Frank Schilling sold his domain portfolio to GoDaddy almost three years ago.

Since then, the domain entrepreneur has increasingly spent time with family, friends, and is doing the things he loves the most.

Apparently, writing a book was in Frank’s plans as the newly released “Omnia Vincit: The Universe Wants You to Win” proves. The book is co-authored with Andrei Polgar, a Romanian author and YouTube personality in the realm of economics. Frank describes his friendship with Andrei in the book’s first chapter, “Frank and Andrei.”

Frank Schilling said:

“My new book is out. Co written with my friend, New York Times best-selling author Andrei Polgar, the publisher of ‘one minute economics’. Learn the simple life philosophies and signals our Universe provides each of us to help guide our own journey to success and happiness.”

The book is a rare opportunity to tap into Frank Schilling’s mind outside of the domain industry realm. The book is available on Amazon in paperback ($19.95) and kindle formats ($9.95.)

Incidentally, the domain name is available to acquire via HugeDomains. 😀

Story kudos: George Kirikos via Twitter.

Omnia Vincit: Frank Schilling’s book

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