Chinese domain market report : Ready for the October 18th Communist Party congress

China is about to elect its leadership council on October 18th; the world’s most populous nation and second largest economy will most likely re-elect the same party leader, Chinese President Xi Jinping. It’s sad that 1.3 billion Chinese won’t have much of a say, as 2300 delegates will directly elect the 200 members of China’s […]

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Chinese domain sales : Hong Kong watch market plummets

Rich Chinese used to go shopping in Hong Kong for a Rolex or Tudor watch, but nowadays monthly retail sales are down more than half since the peak in 2013. Expensive chains such as Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd. and Emperor Watch & Jewellery Ltd. are watching their stocks plunge over that period. One […]

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Chinese domain sales : There goes another day in this Monkey Year business

Alas, despite our hopeful projections of yesterday’s Chinese domain sales report, the Shanghai composite didn’t break resistance. In fact, the index dropped 2.65%, and it “boasts” a substantial loss of 24.05% in 2016 so far. Last day of February today, and the Year of the Monkey is proving to be not just leap, but also […]

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China and domains : Investments, or a form of tax evasion?

As the focus of domain investing changed to China for the better part of 2015, many investment analysts followed closely. In an article for DNW, domain investor and analyst, Joseph Peterson, carefully examined the trends behind the numbers of Chinese domain investing. Many speculate that there has been an ongoing “pump and dump” scheme regarding […]

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When is a two-digit .com domain not worth millions?

If you owned a two-digit .com domain you’d be sitting on low seven figures. With the Chinese domain market gobbling up numbers like hard boiled eggs, any .com less than one hundred would be worth a small farm full with animals. We were surprised to see one offered for sale for just $125,000 dollars over […]

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The domain name – a term that means “playing games” in Chinese – was reportedly sold for $800,000 dollars to online games giant, Changyou. The transaction appears to have completed at the end of December 2013. According to “ (NASDAQ: CYOU) is a leading developer and operator of online games in China as […]

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