files to register matching #trademark with the USPTO

Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba, operates from the matching .com domain, China’s 3rd largest company with a market capitalization of $235 billion dollars has filed to register the matching mark, ALIBABA.COM, with the USPTO. Unlike many other Chinese trademark applications, this one represents a famous brand with a global footprint. The application was filed with […]

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Chinese brands in the wild: No matching domain names, but who cares!

Quick fact: Chinese products sold internationally are designed to use brands that are discoverable using search engines, without the need for domain names. Whether you use Google, Amazon, or Alibaba, Chinese brands don’t follow the Western “generic” keyword approach. For a while now, China’s government is going the extra mile of subsidizing the cost of […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : #Domain with zero vowels, sold for four figures!

You might not be able to pronounce as it has zero vowels, but this former Chinese domain was just sold for four figures USD. The domain clearly can’t be pronounced by English speakers; Chinese can, hence the winning bidder of the DropCatch auction being none other than first1. The final price for […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : #Chinese “Google” got $2.1 billion offer from #Tencent

Chinese search engine Sogou, operating from the domain, has received a $2.1 billion dollar offer from China’s giant, Tencent. The proposed transaction, if completed, would result in Sogou becoming a privately-held subsidiary of Tencent, and Sogou would be delisted from the NYSE. Sogou (so Google!) looks and functions like Google, and it’s the second […]

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Got a crappy JERPL #domain? The #Chinese sellers on #Amazon might want it

If you have a really crappy domain that can’t be taken seriously by Western standards in terms of pronunciation, do not despair. Your JERPL brand might be appealing to the hordes of Chinese sellers that promote their wares on Amazon. Brands like Pvendor, RIVMOUNT, FRETREE and MAJCF are being used on Amazon to sell cheap […]

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Kassey Lee of #DNW : Why I didn’t buy the #domain

Kassey Lee is rolling out numerous juicy articles about China’s obsession with domain names, using DNW. The multilingual domain expert whose initials are “KL” explains why he didn’t spend the cash to get, a premium two letter domain like the ones he writes about. “When I write articles about domains, this doesn’t mean I […]

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#ShiShiCai .com : Chinese lottery #domain auctioned off for mid seven figures!

The expired domain was auctioned off on a Chinese domain platform and the ensuing auction ended up at mid seven figures RMB. As shared by user on Twitter, who apparently followed the auction for “Can you image [sic] is bidding closed at 4,625,069 RMB today, in dollar it’s equal $685,195. That’s […]

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Qixi Festival : The #Chinese domain market for “Chips” is dead

China’s domain “Chip” game is dead, and not even the Qixi Festival can revive it. The annual festival is China’s version of Valentine’s Day, and just like New Year’s in China, it’s an opportunity to exchange gifts, including money. We don’t foresee that Chinese lovebirds will spend their cash on domain names, however. Prices for […]

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BREAKING: #Tiangong-1 crashed into #Chinese #domain registry’s HQ

Tiangong-1, the Chinese satellite that has been spinning out of control for weeks, crashed in the early morning hours on April 1st. The nine ton space junk, measured 40 feet across as it came down in several pieces, crashing into the headquarters of the Chinese domain Registry, Ename. Thousands of .CN domains incinerated instantly, and […]

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Chinese #domain market report: #Tiangong-1 crashing like #LLLL coms

The Chinese satellite, Tiangong-1, is waving goodbye to space, and in a week from now it will crash on earth. The exact place that it will burn itself onto is unknown, as China’s space engineers lost control of Tiangong-1 a while ago. Plummeting towards earth, it will hopefully end up in some remote, uninhabited area […]

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Chinese domain market report : Ready for the October 18th Communist Party congress

China is about to elect its leadership council on October 18th; the world’s most populous nation and second largest economy will most likely re-elect the same party leader, Chinese President Xi Jinping. It’s sad that 1.3 billion Chinese won’t have much of a say, as 2300 delegates will directly elect the 200 members of China’s […]

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Chinese domain market report : China issues fines, delivers censorship

The Chinese government issued large fines against its own technology giants, for not complying with censorship guidelines. Baidu, Tencent and Sina Weibo were fined up to 500,000 yuan each ($75,000 dollars) for not doing their best to combat pornography, violence and other prohibited content. China recently pulled the plug on unlicensed VPN providers. In recent […]

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