Domain sightings:, a #Chinese brand you can actually pronounce!

Chinese brands that can be pronounced are typically rare; thanks to a priority given to unique names used on Amazon and Alibaba, the Chinese practically generate a string of random characters for their brands. Therefore, it’s refreshing to see Fenvi and the matching domain name – manufacturers of WiFi cards. The brand launched in […]

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Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba, operates from the matching .com domain, China’s 3rd largest company with a market capitalization of $235 billion dollars has filed to register the matching mark, ALIBABA.COM, with the USPTO. Unlike many other Chinese trademark applications, this one represents a famous brand with a global footprint. The application was filed with […]

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Chinese brands in the wild: No matching domain names, but who cares!

Quick fact: Chinese products sold internationally are designed to use brands that are discoverable using search engines, without the need for domain names. Whether you use Google, Amazon, or Alibaba, Chinese brands don’t follow the Western “generic” keyword approach. For a while now, China’s government is going the extra mile of subsidizing the cost of […]

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