Kassey Lee of #DNW : Why I didn’t buy the #domain KL.com

Kassey Lee is rolling out numerous juicy articles about China’s obsession with domain names, using DNW.

The multilingual domain expert whose initials are “KL” explains why he didn’t spend the cash to get KL.com, a premium two letter domain like the ones he writes about.

“When I write articles about domains, this doesn’t mean I want to spend the cash to buy domains. Who does that? Only Crazy Rich Asians!” exclaims Kassey Lee, referencing the global hit movie.

“When I save money from my domain investments, along with my article contribution check from Andrew, I use it for trips, good food, and I donate to the poor. Spending hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars for domains is obviously very very stupid!” says Kassey Lee, smiling.

Pro writer and domain investor, Kassey Lee, didn’t want to buy KL.com

The expert Chinese domainer from Hong Kong represents a young generation of affluent Chinese that respect and value money; instead of getting a two letter (LL .com) domain, or the latest iPhone, Kassey spends it on experiences, and the poor.

“If you have millions to spare, good for you. In China many people close to the Party invest in real estate, or expensive cars. Think about how stupid it is. I hope you feed the poor with your extra cash, instead of getting a short domain. That’s why I would never buy KL.com,” says Kassey Lee.

Indeed, an unbelievable story that follows the Spirit of Christmas and demonstrates the true essence of good domainers from China, and the whole wide world. ❤️ And now, let’s watch the Crazy Rich Asians trailer!

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