#ShiShiCai .com : Chinese lottery #domain auctioned off for mid seven figures!

The expired domain ShiShiCai.com was auctioned off on a Chinese domain platform and the ensuing auction ended up at mid seven figures RMB.

As shared by user YouName.com on Twitter, who apparently followed the auction for ShiShiCai.com:

“Can you image [sic] Shishicai.com is bidding closed at 4,625,069 RMB today, in dollar it’s equal $685,195. That’s crazy I would say, although shishicai related fiancee [sic] meaning. The initial ower [sic] still have chance to redeem the domain within 30 days. Like a flourish of trumpets”

Six hundred plus thousand dollars isn’t chump change for a domain that barely had any content since 2016, according to Archive.org.

Would DNJournal validate the sale, if it completes? Apparently, the owners have 30 days to renew it. We aren’t sure what that last part about “flourish of trumpets” means.

ShiShiCai.com was a Chinese lottery web site in 2016

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