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BREAKING: #Tiangong-1 crashed into #Chinese #domain registry’s HQ

Tiangong-1, the Chinese satellite that has been spinning out of control for weeks, crashed in the early morning hours on April 1st. The nine ton space junk, measured 40 feet across as it came down in several pieces, crashing into the headquarters of the Chinese domain Registry, Ename. Thousands of .CN domains incinerated instantly, and […]

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Chinese #domain market report: #Tiangong-1 crashing like #LLLL coms

The Chinese satellite, Tiangong-1, is waving goodbye to space, and in a week from now it will crash on earth. The exact place that it will burn itself onto is unknown, as China’s space engineers lost control of Tiangong-1 a while ago. Plummeting towards earth, it will hopefully end up in some remote, uninhabited area […]

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Chinese domain market report : Tiangong-1 might crash and burn

Nihao Shanghai, we have a problem. Tiangong-1 is a Chinese space station weighing 8 tons, and there is trouble with its orbit. In 2011, China’s own space station was launched to conduct experiments in orbit and it exceeded its expected lifespan of 2 years. During that time, it docked with three Shenzhou spacecrafts. And now, […]

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