BREAKING: #Tiangong-1 crashed into #Chinese #domain registry’s HQ

Tiangong-1, the Chinese satellite that has been spinning out of control for weeks, crashed in the early morning hours on April 1st. The nine ton space junk, measured 40 feet across as it came down in several pieces, crashing into the headquarters of the Chinese domain Registry, Ename. Thousands of .CN domains incinerated instantly, and […]

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Alert : is a stolen domain name currently

Warning: The domain name has been stolen. Its legitimate owner is being represented by and the domainer-friendly law firm is in the process of getting it back. There are, however, some interesting points to outline in this domain-related crime. Jozsef Hollosi acquired in 1994, setting up a personal web site called Hollosi […]

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Domain crime : is a stolen domain name

After several months of quiet time, Chinese domain registrar emerges once again as the registrar of choice for the transfer of a stolen domain name. The domain was stolen very recently, and was transferred away from Says its legitimate owner, who is based in Hong Kong: “I spent hours reading many articles […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Stolen domain taken from its Chinese thief via UDRP

A Chinese domain thief was forced to return the stolen domain via the UDRP process. Back in July, we wrote about the Portuguese company EDP – Energias de Portugal, S.A. filing the case; we correctly speculated that the domain, which had been transferred away to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename, had been stolen. In […]

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Chinese domain market report : eName news “cock up” with copied parody story

The Chinese domain market is busy, despite the drop in volume and average prices, for the “domain Chip” category. China’s brightest domain investors gathered last month to discuss the present and future of domain investing, at the World Domain Conference. Recently, the Chinese government ordered popular portals to not produce their own news; the latter […]

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Quartet of stolen LLLL .com domains was recovered by GoDaddy

A quartet of four-letter .com domains that was stolen from its legitimate owner in November 2015, has been recovered by GoDaddy. The case involved the following domains: RYLN.COM, BMRD.COM, RDBY.COM, LLCY.COM. The domains were stolen by Chinese cybercriminals and were moved to Ename, where they were auctioned. Their legitimate owner engaged GoDaddy’s dispute team, which […]

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Domain crime : Stolen domain has been recovered via UDRP

It took a lengthy UDRP to recover the premium, three letter domain,, which had been stolen by a cyberthief. In July 2015, APG Technologies, LLC acquired the 20 year old domain from its previous owner, for the sum of $30,000 dollars. The domain, at the time, was registered with Network Solutions; in September […]

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Cybercrime : Ename wants victim of domain theft to refund the buyers!

It doesn’t get any better than this – if you’re looking for an example of adding insult to pain, that is. A domain owner whose domains were reported stolen from GoDaddy and transferred to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename, received the following shocking response from Ename support: Thank you for contacting eName service. The domains: […]

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Chinese Cybercrime : Stolen domains for sale at Ename auctions

This is an update on the recent report of four LLLL .com domain names that were stolen from their legitimate owner. According to the owner, who reached out to us, two of the domains have already been sold to new owners, via the Chinese domain auction platform and registrar, The stolen domains under new ownership […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Formerly stolen domain has been recovered

In April of this year, we reported that the premium, aged domain was stolen from its legitimate owner. At the time, Mr. AJ Alfieri-Crispin, shared the agony of witnessing the domain disappear from his registrar account in the course of 25 minutes. The owner’s Odyssey ended about a month ago, when the 3rd District […]

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Domain investor’s portfolio of numeric domains stolen by Chinese thief

Veteran domain investor Satoshi Shimoshita, known as “toho” on DNForum, announced the theft of a large portfolio of mostly numeric domains. The following 34 domains were stolen from his account at eNom, on July 27th and six more domains on August 3rd, after he had opened an emergency support ticket! First batch of stolen domains, […]

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Webmaster Radio : Attorney David Weslow interview on domain theft and China

Attorney David Weslow was recently interviewed on Webmaster Radio, by Cyber Law and Business Report expert Bennet Kelley. The discussion spanned almost an hour of covering the reasons behind an ongoing spike in domain theft and assorted cybercrime, pointing out the Chinese domain market as a factor. David Weslow mentioned on the subject of the […]

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