Quartet of stolen LLLL .com domains was recovered by GoDaddy

DOMAIN-recoveredA quartet of four-letter .com domains that was stolen from its legitimate owner in November 2015, has been recovered by GoDaddy.

The case involved the following domains: RYLN.COM, BMRD.COM, RDBY.COM, LLCY.COM.

The domains were stolen by Chinese cybercriminals and were moved to Ename, where they were auctioned.

Their legitimate owner engaged GoDaddy’s dispute team, which in coordination with Verisign – registry of the dot .com TLD – processed the case.

According to an update we received, those domains are now back at GoDaddy; we can confirm that all four are back in the possession of their original owner.

Ename, the Chinese domain registrar and auction platform, required at some point that the legitimate owner should refund the auction winners, in order to receive his domains!

That statement drew the attention of IP attorney John Berryhill, among others. Subsequently, Berryhill assisted the owners of APG.com to recover that domain, which had also been stolen and had been moved to Ename.

We’re glad that the ownership of these formerly stolen domain names has been restored. Surely a great start of the year for their legitimate owner.

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