Amazon sunsets 25 year old

Amazon is shutting down after almost 25 years of operation. DPReview was founded in 1999 and quickly gained a reputation of the best review and resource web site for photography, cameras, and assorted gear. DPReview attracted thousands of users that exchanged photography tips and their experiences with cameras and photography gear on the web […]

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The Optical Disk Drive Antitrust litigation collected millions of dollars from optical disk drive manufacturers. The class action lawsuit scored a net fund of $167,197,144.48 dollars that was allocated to the lawsuit’s participants. Basically, if you bought a PC with an optical drive in the early 2000’s you would qualify, as manufacturers apparently colluded to […]

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Confirmed: Amazon was the buyer of ultra premium domain

Blink twice and you might lose a deal; in the world of domain names, speed and efficiency in negotiations can land you—or not—the perfect domains. Late in December we noticed that had moved into, indicating a sale took place. At the time, the WHOIS was that of and its domain transfer service. […]

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Smartless, the podcast hosted by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes, has been acquired by Amazon Music and Wondery. The three hosts launched the series in July 2020, and have produced nearly 50 episodes. In mid-June 2020 they also acquired the domain from its previous registrant. The sale most likely occurred on the […]

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Domain sightings: Amazon but not the Jeff Bezos company!

What if you came across a domain name “in the wild” that uses a popular brand, such as Amazon? We did. But no, this is not the Jeff Bezos company, the almighty Amazon—it’s the Amazon Hose & Rubber Company. As seen in this photo below, the domain name is and it was registered in […]

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#PissBarf: Jeff Bezos of #Amazon and the importance of great #domain names

Great domain names are important for the success of your business and Jeff Bezos, founder of, knew that well in 1994. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in his garage on July 5, 1994. Bezos initially named his new company Cadabra but later changed the name to Amazon after the Amazon river and in part because […]

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Zero carbon arena : #Amazon now hiring experienced #domainer!

Last week, Amazon announced they acquired the naming rights to Seattle’s new downtown arena, and decided to rename it to Climate Pledge Arena. Immediately after, their legal department registered and then went to work registering similar names to protect their brand. Good job lawyer people! Securing more than 50 domain names, the legal team […]

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Got a crappy JERPL #domain? The #Chinese sellers on #Amazon might want it

If you have a really crappy domain that can’t be taken seriously by Western standards in terms of pronunciation, do not despair. Your JERPL brand might be appealing to the hordes of Chinese sellers that promote their wares on Amazon. Brands like Pvendor, RIVMOUNT, FRETREE and MAJCF are being used on Amazon to sell cheap […]

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#Amazon : Legal department owns at least two #AmazonFire domains

The Amazon forest is on fire; it’s a disaster of massive proportions affecting the biggest rain forest on the planet. The Amazon fires have created a layer of smoke that covers more than 1.2 million square miles. More than 9,000 forest fires have started in Brazil since last Thursday. Oddly, the domain names and […]

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#Amazon announces huge deals for dot .Amazon countries on #PrimeDay

Retail giant Amazon has revealed the latest deals offered through its dot .Amazon gTLD for the countries of South America that share the rain forest – it’s Prime Day for 2 days. The Amazon is shared by nine South American nations, with Brazil enjoying the largest share. If you live in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, […]

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Will #Amazon give away 2-letter #domains under its desired new #gTLD?

The battle of the Amazon continues, and we’re not talking about Jeff Bezos divorcing from his wife. While Mr. Bezos gets to keep 75% of his Amazon stake, the corporate application for dot .Amazon is ongoing, a full seven years after its 2012 application. So what’s holding up the decision of granting dot .Amazon to the […]

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#Domain joint ventures : #Amazon moves HQ2 to Asheville, North Carolina

Devastating news for NYC that lost its Amazon HQ2 sponsorship; big news for Asheville, North Carolina, that will be hosting the mega-corporation’s new distribution hub. The project creates 32,000 new jobs, from floor janitors to Amazon coffee shop baristas. The news was shared on the business wire as a new, well-funded strategic partnership initiated by […]

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