#Amazon announces huge deals for dot .Amazon countries on #PrimeDay

Retail giant Amazon has revealed the latest deals offered through its dot .Amazon gTLD for the countries of South America that share the rain forest – it’s Prime Day for 2 days.

The Amazon is shared by nine South American nations, with Brazil enjoying the largest share. If you live in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Ecuador or the French Guiana, you have some great deals on Amazon Prime.

“We want these lovely country people to share the many benefits of dot .Amazon and we’re offering deals up to 70% off on dot .Amazon products, from tshirts and hats to underwear and Alexa devices,” said Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

By cutting huge deals for the South American people, Amazon is hoping to ease the uproar by Amazon tribes, that was caused by the ICANN decision to hand out dot .Amazon to the corporate giant. Amazon now owns both the entire Amazon rain forest and the matching gTLD.

“Let’s all coexist in peace and spend our hard earned money wisely, and dot .Amazon will set up delivery lockers at every village in the Amazon forest for free,” said Jeff Bezos, adding: “Our boxes are environment friendly and we use no toxic glue on the blue Prime tape!”

If you live in the Amazon forest and can read this, go to Amazon.com for some hot Prime Day deals.

Great deals on Prime Day!

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