#Amazon : Legal department owns at least two #AmazonFire domains

The Amazon forest is on fire; it’s a disaster of massive proportions affecting the biggest rain forest on the planet.

The Amazon fires have created a layer of smoke that covers more than 1.2 million square miles. More than 9,000 forest fires have started in Brazil since last Thursday.

Oddly, the domain names AmazonFire.com and AmazonFires.com are not available to be used in a campaign supporting relief from the Amazon disaster.

The domain AmazonFire.com was first registered in 2002, unrelated to anything produced by the online retail giant. Amazon created Kindle Fire in 2011. By 2004, the domain was in the possession of Amazon’s legal department, after Amazon won a UDRP case filed against the domain’s Korean registrant.

AmazonFires.com, on the other hand, was first registered in 2007. It dropped several times until 2016, when Amazon took it over.

In recent months, the heated argument on whether Amazon should be entitled to dot .Amazon as a commercial extension to its online presence, has positioned it against South American nations.

Clearly, there is a need to reference the Amazon region and the current conditions using the words “Amazon fire” and “Amazon fires” and register such related domain names.

Can it be done without alerting Amazon’s lawyers?

Amazon fires – Photo by Lucas Campoi on Unsplash

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