JustWalkOut.com: Amazon just walked out of this domain

Six years ago, Amazon rolled out “Just Walk Out” at its Amazon Go stores. The primary push was technology enabling shoppers to go about the store, adding (or removing) items from their shopping card and when done, simply walk out.

The system was supposed to keep track of any cart movements automatically, thus eliminating the need for a cashier and a checkout line and it was rolled into the Amazon Fresh stores. That system is now becoming obsolete.

Amazon used the domain JustWalkOut.com for this purpose and it seems there won’t by much left there in the near future, as the concept is being eliminated. A fun fact: Amazon was using up to 1,000 virtual cashiers located in India to verify between 50% to 70% of all transactions. In other words, the system was never truly cashierless.

Registered in 2013, the domain name JustWalkOut.com appears to have been acquired by Amazon in late October 2019.

It’s doubtful that Amazon will simply drop the domain but its functionality won’t be increasing in the future based on recent news.

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  1. Don W. says:

    They are switching to:


    They forgot the ‘pay’ part, so consumers were confused.

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