Two letter #domain has been sold in China

There are only 676 two-letter (LL) .com domain names and is one of them. The premium LL .com recently changed hands, with the help of the Chinese domain brokerage company The sale moved the domain to Chinese interests and away from a presumably British registrant. News of the sale was shared by […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : The Presidential candidate with the shortest #domain name

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are on the final stretch, as millions of Americans have been voting or are about to vote at US Elections. Memorable domains are needed for presidential candidates, as Election Day looms in on November 3rd. Most Americans will vote either for the Democratic or the Republican […]

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Shorter isn’t better: Weight Watchers sees revenue fall after switch to WW .com #domain name

Weight Watchers rebranded itself as “WW” last October, just three months after acquiring the premium two letter domain name, Switching to shorter names can be a benefit for businesses, particularly in China. In the case of Weight Watchers, this domain rebranding actually hurt revenue. According to a new report published by The Financial Times, […]

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Guta .com shares Q1/2018 report on sales of short #domain names, the expert domain brokerage company founded by award-winning broker, George Hong, has released its Q1/2018 report. The domain report shares the volume of publicly reported sales for the following domain ranges: LL .com domains LLL .com domains NNN .com domains NNNN .com domains George sent us the list that contains these domains, per below: […]

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#ProtonMail adds @PM .Me service, a year after acquiring the short #domain name

ProtonMail, the encrypted email service, acquired the short domain a year ago. When we shared the news, we were under the impression that the new service, to be used as a shortcut, was imminent. It took ProtonMail a full year before rolling out to its users. Yesterday’s announcement stated the following: “Starting today, […]

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#Domain pending transfer : Did sell at Igloo brokerage?

Has – a premium two letter .com domain – been sold at Igloo brokerage? Canadian domain investor and LL .com aficionado, George Kirikos, noticed that the domain’s status at the Registry has changed to “Pending Transfer.” We confirmed that the status has indeed changed, as seen in the screenshot below. Kirikos also reminded us […]

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Chinese domain market report : Ready for the October 18th Communist Party congress

China is about to elect its leadership council on October 18th; the world’s most populous nation and second largest economy will most likely re-elect the same party leader, Chinese President Xi Jinping. It’s sad that 1.3 billion Chinese won’t have much of a say, as 2300 delegates will directly elect the 200 members of China’s […]

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ProtonMail most likely acquired premium two letter domain

ProtonMail, the secure, encrypted email provider acquired, an ultra short two letter domain name. The domain will be used as a shortcut for its expanding user base, that currently go to News of the two letter domain acquisition was shared on social media today: “We have recently obtained a very special two […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : Single letter domain controls some pretty LONG tail ones

When it comes down to short domains, is above ultra-premium; both single letter AND of the “Chinese premium” variety. Whether it’s worth seven figures or more, it’s impossible to assess, as it’s owned by mega-corporation, CenturyLink, formerly known as Qwest Communications. The domain was created in 1999, after at least 7 years of […]

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Sedo LLL .info auction : Less than 4 days to go, with low domain reserves

Sedo has been churning out a variety of auctions lately; after its success with the Austrian .AT auction generating more than $1 million in sales, its GreatDomains auction was a success as well. Fans of LLL domains (three letters) might want to take a look at a small but sweet auction of 50 three letter […]

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Chinese domain market report : Will Donald Trump nuke China?

China is a global superpower and possesses nuclear weapons. The world’s most populous nations maintains the largest conventional army in the world, with 2.3 million active personnel. In his pre-election speeches, president-elect Donald Trump assaulted China’s invasion of American commerce. Would he engage in war games with China, that’s a decision left to the circumstances. […]

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Chinese domain market report : Are you ready for the Year of the Rooster?

China will be celebrating the Year of the Rooster in three months, and many domain investors are hoping it’ll be better than this year. Expectations ran high throughout 2016, following a solid 2015; alas, that did not happen. Domain investments in China shifted away from stocks and Bitcoin to domains, generated revenue and fulfilled their […]

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