Two letter #domain has been sold in China

LL .com domains are popular in China.

There are only 676 two-letter (LL) .com domain names and is one of them.

The premium LL .com recently changed hands, with the help of the Chinese domain brokerage company

The sale moved the domain to Chinese interests and away from a presumably British registrant. News of the sale was shared by Chinese domain investor, Xiaosheng Liu.

It’s a known fact that two-letter .com domain names are popular in China.

Registered in 1994, the domain was never reported as sold before, although in the past it was owned by the American firm Penton Media, Inc. In 2016, the company was acquired by Informa for $1.56 billion dollars.

The domain had a listing price of $1,000,000 dollars prior to its sale.

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