: The Presidential candidate with the shortest #domain name

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are on the final stretch, as millions of Americans have been voting or are about to vote at US Elections.

Memorable domains are needed for presidential candidates, as Election Day looms in on November 3rd.

Most Americans will vote either for the Democratic or the Republican party, and perhaps are unaware of a third candidate on the ballot: Jo Jorgensen.

The presidential hopeful represents the Libertarian party, and she was not part of any debate involving the other two candidates. Perhaps it would have made a major difference to see a woman’s political positions in all this male-dominated political arena.

Jo Jorgensen’s presidential campaign operates from the domain name, which is by far the shortest domain name for any presidential candidate. Why “Jo20” and not “Jo2020” you might ask.

You don’t want to go there – literally.

In related news, the Joe Biden campaign acquired the short, premium domain from the Uniregistry stack of domains a while back, using it as a URL shortener in various political campaigns.

There is no short domain for Donald Trump that we’re aware of. He likes his domains to be “yuge,” apparently. – The Libertarian Party’s candidate, Jo Jorgensen

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