Million dollar domain has been sold

The domain has been sold, according to its prior owner, operator of Registered in 1995, was acquired for $358,000 dollars via Heritage Auctions in 2014 by the seller. The domain was listed for sale with a $2 million price tag at some point. According to the seller, PY has several meanings in […]

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Insecure #escrow? #SSL certificate no good

When you’re proclaiming to be a secure provider of domain escrow services, better ensure your website is up to the same standards. Apparently, the SSL certificate at has expired, and the Chinese domain escrow service receives no love from web browsers. As seen in the screenshot below, the SSL certificate issued by GoDaddy is […]

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With escrow services halted temporarily, allegedly due to Chinese Government regulations, competition is fierce in the Chinese domain market in need of a reputable escrow service. Stepping in to fulfill this need,, intends to change its focus from an inactive domain news site, to a live, thriving domain marketplace and escrow. “We’ll be […]

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Chinese domain escrow,, has announced that they are stepping up security measures to combat fraud. The company’s announcement addressed domain theft and fraud as being rampant. From now on, all accounts must be certified using an official form of identity, such as a police ID, a driver’s license or a passport. Such security […]

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Forget the ‘XYZ’ trash: Premium domain goes on sale!

Seriously, what’s up with the ‘XYZ’ garbage domains getting a marketplace of their own? Sounds like a lot of unsold inventory so good luck with that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But look at this absolute beauty: Two letter .com domain,, is now available for sale, exclusively from Domain Holdings. Sporting a surprisingly fresh registration date of 1997, […]

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