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#Sedo dot .info #domain auction ending tomorrow

The LLL .info auction by Sedo is ending tomorrow, and by the looks of it, there’s a lot of opportunities to be had. Why? Because very few of these three letter .info domains have met the minimum bid of $99 dollars. It sounds crazy, but we recall a time that mid-high three figures USD was […]

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Seven with #Sedo : Three letter dot .info #domain auction begins tomorrow

Welcome to the latest “Seven with Sedo” domain auction coverage – sponsored by Sedo. Sedo features a week-long domain auction event, and this time around it’s all about LLL .info domains. The dot .info auction takes place at Sedo, from August 9th to August 16th, and it features 100+ domain names. We have selected 7 […]

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Sedo LLL .info auction : Less than 4 days to go, with low domain reserves

Sedo has been churning out a variety of auctions lately; after its success with the Austrian .AT auction generating more than $1 million in sales, its GreatDomains auction was a success as well. Fans of LLL domains (three letters) might want to take a look at a small but sweet auction of 50 three letter […]

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