Vic Dixon: Domain registrar employee walks 20 miles to work every day!

Vic Dixon, warming up for his 20 mile commute.

Vic Dixon, warming up for his 20 mile commute.

An employee of the domain registrar is the prime example of dedication, when it comes down to a perfect attendance record.

Vic Dixon, known for his humorous depictions of domain industry life, walks daily to the offices – a commute of 20 miles.

“For as long as these legs can carry my body forward, I will continue to honor the company that gives me life and empowers me with comedic ideas,” says Vic Dixon, warming up for work.

“I get up at 4:45am, have some cereal and a banana, then walk for 4 hours to the offices, it’s during that walk that I get my best ideas,” adds Dixon, performing squats and stretches.

Dixon’s enormous calves speak for themselves, as 40 miles per day add up to strengthening muscle mass. On occasion, Vic Dixon gets a bicycle ride from fellow employees, but five days out of seven Dixon simply walks to work and back home in the suburbs of Denver.

“It’s life as I’ve known it here in Colorado, nature calls my name loud and clear, I get to see the birds and smell the snow, the running waters, the sky and the clouds are my friends,” exclaims Vic Dixon, walking outside in the crack of dawn.

We are seriously impressed that such an amazing man sacrifices the comfort of a Toyota Corolla 2015 or a Tesla, to be closer to nature.

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