Huge changes at after Rightside merger with Donuts

Jared Ewy,

The finalization of the Rightside – Donuts Inc. acquisition deal is now complete, and, will soon face huge changes.

Gone are the days where Taco Friday runs would take uber guy, Jared Ewy, to the edge of his wits:

“Man, I’m gonna miss this type of activity at lunch time. We were free, you know, roaming around downtown, feeling like teenagers. Those days are gone, now we’ll be forced to eat donuts every morning, from Chochky’s.”

Indeed, employees will have to succumb to the Californian culture of Donuts, Inc. that tends to brand everything with a chocolate or a vanilla flavor.

“What if I want sprinkles, can I have sprinkles on my donuts? I don’t think so. Damn, damn, damn, I already miss Rightside!” exclaimed Jared Ewy, staring at the floor.

But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud: Outside of these changes in corporate culture, nothing changes for the customers. They will continue to receive excellent service and support, for sure.

Meanwhile, Jared Ewy will just have to eat his donuts with a chocolate or vanilla topping only.

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