The .ai Registry has made changes to its domain WHOIS tool

The .ai Registry appears to have made changes to its public, web-based WHOIS tool in recent weeks. First off, domain records no longer display the domain’s creation date; this feature has been removed at least since January 30th. For example, this is the output of two records for the domain One might think that […]

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ICANN76: List of accomplishments at the big conference in Cancun

The most recent session of ICANN, referred to as ICANN76, closed its gates in Cancun, Mexico. The event attracted a large number of professionals familiar with the well-established multi-steakholder model. It was one of the biggest events ever organized at ICANN, according to one participant still in recovery from the event’s alcohol intake. He promised […]

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Rick Schwartz on domain privacy: Dumbest thing in business!

The WHOIS protocol allows anyone to query databases that store information about registered domain names. This information typically includes the name, address, and contact information of the domain name owner. In some cases, this information is publicly available, which can make domain owners vulnerable to spam, scams, and other forms of cybercrime. To protect their […]

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Find out the renewal cost of gTLDs using the Namecheap bulk transfer

Unlike .com, .net, and .org, pricing of gTLDs can vary as much as a rainbow spread. From a few bucks to thousands of dollars, gTLD domains can be pricey to acquire and/or renew. Such premium gTLD domains listed for sale at auctions often carry the renewal cost. For example, SAV auctions list the domain’s renewal […]

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DomainTools welcomes proposed #WHOIS privacy changes in Europe

First there was GDPR, now things are changing and once again it’s the European Union (EU) rocking the boat of WHOIS data. Citing new cybersecurity initiatives, a pending legislation in the European Union seeks to have domain WHOIS data less private. The legislation upsets those that believe in the power of anonymous activism and whistleblowing, […]

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Current issue with GoDaddy WHOIS lookups of Uni domains

Uniregistry has been transferring the management of domains belonging to a small group of accounts to GoDaddy. The transfer involves the management system only and is not a full transfer out to GoDaddy. Uniregistry domains that are now managed in a GoDaddy account are “blessed” with a plethora of upselling services. As such, the two […]

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Bitcoin is on its course “to the moon” as its current price trajectory shows. Each BTC is worth $53,800 dollars as of this moment and while its price fluctuates BTC is being adopted by mainstream financial entities, including PayPal. The quest for Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creator, is ongoing and a recent article at […]

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#GoDaddy removed the “Interested in purchasing this domain” option from #WHOIS contact form

GoDaddy has removed the option to contact the owner of a domain via its WHOIS, if you’re interested in buying it. When looking up domain names registered at GoDaddy, you can see underlying Registry data, contact the domain holder, or report an invalid WHOIS. When clicking on the option to contact the domain holder (registrant,) […]

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Domainers in California get a different #WHOIS for their #domain names

If you are a domain investor living in California, your domain WHOIS mileage might vary. As far as DomainTools goes, that is. The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) took effect on January 1, 2020 changing the field of what type of personal information is disclosed for Californians. DomainTools masks the WHOIS information for such domains, […]

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If you register a domain name today at most domain registrars, expect to get some phone calls in 24 hours from now. Some calls? A LOT OF CALLS. The zone file skimmers track new domain registrations daily, query the domain names and extract the phone numbers from the WHOIS. Then, they start calling you. And […]

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#GoDaddy files for novel #domain registration process patent

GoDaddy has applied for yet another patent related to domain names, and a ground-breaking one it is. The USPTO application involves “a due process for the lookup and registration of available domain names via an online form; uninterrupted by other domain name recommendations, alternate TLD suggestions, and add-on service provisions.” Essentially, the GoDaddy patent application […]

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Need a #Brazilian? New data protection law to stun public info with #LGPD

If you were already sick of the GDPR that decimated WHOIS records since its implementation two years ago, Brazil will add its own twist to the data samba. The “Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados” is the Brazilian version of the GDPR with the acronym LGPD. No, it’s not related to LGBT. The privacy law […]

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