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California: First divorce filed due to “new gTLD investments”

Only in California: a divorce was filed in Orange county, California, by a woman whose domainer husband engaged aggressively in gTLD domain registrations and other activity that damaged their joint finances. This incredible case sets a new standard to the reasons someone raises, when divorcing their spouse. Milly R., of Escondido is divorcing Enrique – […]

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California.com gets on the chopping block for big bucks

A press release from Domain Holdings, a domain brokerage firm, announced the availability of the domain name California.com for a reputedly seven figures: We represent the owner of the domain name California.com. This domain name is currently for sale at Domain Holdings Group. (DomainHoldings.com) California.com is one of the most valuable domains ever offered in […]

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Know your 50 dot com States

Ever wondered what is the status of one of the 50 US states as a .com? Here’s a quick and dirty guide on all of them. 😀 Alabama.com – Developed (AreaGuides) Alaska.com – Developed Arizona.com – Developed (AreaGuides) Arkansas.com – Developed (Arkansas Department of Tourism) California.com – Pseudoguide (For sale $5,000,000 asking price) Colorado.com – […]

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