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Know your 50 dot com States

Ever wondered what is the status of one of the 50 US states as a .com? Here’s a quick and dirty guide on all of them. ๐Ÿ˜€ Alabama.com – Developed (AreaGuides) Alaska.com – Developed Arizona.com – Developed (AreaGuides) Arkansas.com – Developed (Arkansas Department of Tourism) California.com – Pseudoguide (For sale $5,000,000 asking price) Colorado.com – […]

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Don’t mess with the Texas government, y’all!

The Texas Department of Transportation is proud of the service it offers to the community of Texas. With a budget approaching that of a small Caribbean nation, the TXDOT employees are on the lookout for anyone abusing their mark. So they went after the domain txdot.net – registered two years ago, according to top WHOIS […]

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