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Know your 50 dot com States

Ever wondered what is the status of one of the 50 US states as a .com? Here’s a quick and dirty guide on all of them. 😀 Alabama.com – Developed (AreaGuides) Alaska.com – Developed Arizona.com – Developed (AreaGuides) Arkansas.com – Developed (Arkansas Department of Tourism) California.com – Pseudoguide (For sale $5,000,000 asking price) Colorado.com – […]

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Registrar issues warning: Polar cold in North Dakota causes domain shrinkage to some

North Dakota – NDSUP News A small registrar in North Dakota is advising its domainer customers to keep their domains warm, especially as winter approaches fast. North Dakota is one of the less populous states in the US, with fewer than 2 McDonald’s restaurants per square mile. Meanwhile, North Dakota maintains a healthy number of […]

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