Bill Gates: and

One has to feel sad that Bill Gates is divorcing, but maybe the lives of billionaires are more complicated than we think. On that note, two new trademark applications were filed at the USPTO, by two separate law firms, whose counsels share the same last name. Florida based law firm Ranson & Ranson pllc applied […]

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California: First divorce filed due to “new gTLD investments”

Only in California: a divorce was filed in Orange county, California, by a woman whose domainer husband engaged aggressively in gTLD domain registrations and other activity that damaged their joint finances. This incredible case sets a new standard to the reasons someone raises, when divorcing their spouse. Milly R., of Escondido is divorcing Enrique – […]

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Haiti to the rescue – Mike Mann comes to his senses – removes drama from

As we wrote a few days ago, legendary uber-domainer Mike Mann embarked on a strange method of publicizing his bitter divorce to wife Lynn Mann. By displaying his private email communication and innermost thoughts at Mike won from us an award for “bad taste” in domain use. We pleaded with Mr. Mann to remove […]

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If you visit you will read the following statement: The mission of is to serve as a catalyst for positive social change by leveraging modern technologies and best business practices. Grassroots was started by uber-domainer Michael Mann, who features several of his virtual properties at his domain, – the one that stands […]

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