or not, has Michael Mann lost his mind?

If you visit you will read the following statement:

The mission of is to serve as a catalyst for positive social change by leveraging modern technologies and best business practices.

Grassroots was started by uber-domainer Michael Mann, who features several of his virtual properties at his domain, – the one that stands out is obviously

We once had the pleasure to witness Michael Mann’s staccato responses – some call it “hyper” – at a Bido chatroom interview. Mr. Mann gave us the impression of an extremely smart and ultra wired individual with interests that extend well beyond the domain industry.

But has Michael Mann lost his mind?

Apparently, Michael Mann and his wife Lynn are in the middle of a divorce so bitter, that it’s reaching Hollywood celebrity status. Michael Mann registered several years ago and it’s currently laden with content and private communications related to his divorce.

We quote a couple of paragraphs:

Lynn – Since we both love Jessie so much and she is being hurt by this, and we used to love each other, and the public is disgusted by us, we should settle now instead of later. We have to settle anyhow as any rational person knows, so why do we want to hate and feud and pay huge dollars and go through more hell first? I’ve had enough for sure, how about you?

Lynn has been cared for by me since I was a teenager. She has never gone a day without extreme luxury, security, good health, good friends, family, love, etc. Yet she is the rudest, cruelest, laziest, most spoiled, selfish, unsafe, liberally permissive person you could imagine , who could never earn enough herself to pay her tabs at every party, concert, ball game, event, beach club, cruise ship, hotel, strip club, airport, and married man redneck shindig, in my opinion.

Im sure Lynn told you how she lives in the most disgusting filth in the world with my daughter, no judge could ever approve her custody along with the rest of her crimes. The house smells god awful all over every day and is filled with shit and piss from 3 neglected animals. And all the household goods are stacked in huge filthy piles of crap. Lynn is drunk in Tennessee with a married man while this is happening leaving babysitters in charge and denying me any rights to see her, right now and regularly. Neither of you would be foolish enough trust Lynn to raise a child and neither am I. In fact I think I am going to call child welfare tomorrow.

While it’s unfortunate that Michael Mann and his wife Lynn are going through these divorce proceedings with a child caught in the middle, wouldn’t it be better if this entire argument were private? It’s damaging to Michael Mann’s reputation and his status as an uber-domainer. Regardless of his sentiments or rights of speech, common sense dictates that private matters should remain private.

Mr. Mann, please take down that blog. It only hurts your uber-domainer image in the long run.

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12 Responses to “ or not, has Michael Mann lost his mind?”
  1. Holly says:

    Oh man that’s some really embarrassing stuff. I hope he takes that site down.

  2. I learned says:

    Joking aside, mike’s display here will affect his business relationships. Would you want to partner with someone who displays that sort of behavior?

  3. Anthony says:

    Mike Mann is a great man.

    Lets focus on his good deeds as shown on and wish

    him the best in resolving this unfortunate situation to the best possible outcome.


  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Nobody questions his professional achievements. The question mark hovers above his decision to publicize all these personal details of a matter as sensitive as a bitter divorce. Not to mention, that there are several other “Lynn Mann” women that are being hurt by this public display of a personal battle.

  5. t says:

    awww u say he should take it down cause it hurts his image as an uber-domainer, There are far more important concerns than embarrassment in his situation. A means to an end, the best strategies are not straightforward….come on he outplayed the whole industry with his agreements with the registrars during his buydomain days, I wish him the best as a fellow human being in this fuked up people hating. opportunistic, hypocritical world.

  6. Harold says:

    Imagine being Mr. Mann’s daughter and seeing this. What a complete selfish moron!

  7. Fin Lemonde says:

    Is this what you call “entertainment and parody”?

  8. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Fin Lemonde – You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  9. insider says:

    Lynn is sweet, kind and very caring. She does not deserve this kind of slander and he should be ashamed of himself. It is Mike who is lashing out with lies and mistruths. Lynn does not respond to him most of the time because he is abusive, yells and blames everyone but himself. He is a very bitter, selfish and delusional man. The fact that he posted all this crap about her just shows what a pathetic person he is. And if a person behaves like this in their personal life, who the hell would want to deal with them on a professional level. The fact he brought his daughter into this fight is reprehensible! He is a selfish, greedy and narcissistic and only cares about himself. He portrays himself as the victim. That is a F***ing joke! He brought this all upon himself and because of that, he has lost many friends who have no respect for him anymore. This kind of stuff should be kept private, not put out on a public forum. Childish behavior from a guy who is supposed to be an adult. And although Mike once may have been an uber-domain guy at some point, he is nothing more than a bully using a public forum to try and slander a good and decent woman. Mike is not a good person and should get professional help.

  10. Mike Mann says:

    This is from her lover Alex who is dissing me, notice how people wont use their real names ever when they disrespect me online but I always use my own? See for moron Alex.

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