London Domain Summit: Adam Dicker will be attending the summer event

Things are about to heat up in the domain industry, after the London Domain Summit founder announced that Canadian domainer, Adam Dicker, will be attending the August event.

Helmuts Meskonis is hosting the domain-centric event in London on August 22-23 where “entry is free, food and drinks” as well. Hopefully, temperatures in the UK won’t be as hot as in recent weeks.

It’s a free world and anyone, including Adam Dicker, can attend whatever event they like, including a conference full of domain investors, marketers, and content creators.

The big problem is the dismissive attitude displayed by Mr. Helmuts Meskonis, who felt obligated to downgrade a NamePros thread about Adam Dicker’s activities and the complaints of his long-unpaid customers.

Said Mr. Helmuts Meskonis:

If you are from Europe, Adam Dicker also will be at the London Domain Summit.

And, if there are still unresolved issues > make arrangements like GROWN-UPS do. .. sign contracts, work on payment plans etc.. are we in the kindergarten? Sounds fair?

Show me 1 person who hasn’t f***ed up at some point in the life? I can’t.

.. I could also start few threads about few big names in our industry (and 10+ about me) how we have f***ed up at some stages of our lives.

😀 😀 .. and 1 well-known guy from our industry has even blocked me after I announced that there will be a livestream with Adam. .. 😀 😀

All the best all!!

What has happened, has happened. Life moves on. And, in this simple business world of ours, there are simple baby steps on how agreements are made over unresolved issues.

That statement reeks of gaslighting, in our opinion, with many of those who failed to receive service or a refund still waiting, a full seven years after the NamePros thread was started.

Since then, Adam Dicker has not attended any major domain conferences, as far as we know.

We are not aware of any ongoing relationship between Helmuts Meskonis and Adam Dicker but it seems odd that he’s stepping in on his behalf.

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