Adam Dicker on #NamePros: “I made a mess and it’s time to clean it up”

Adam Dicker, Canadian domain investor and former owner of DNForum, returned after a long hiatus to NamePros, where the most lengthy exchange of the forum takes place.

In a series of comments, Dicker acknowledged that he “made a mess and it’s time to clean it up.”

In doing so, Adam Dicker promised to spend the next 6 months paying every bill pending currently. He stated that he’s got the “list” and going through it.

Dicker was seen in 2018 trading crypto and posted a photo with a stack of Canadian money on Twitter. Hopefully, he made lots more since and he’s truly about to repay a long list of people who were left hanging with similar promises for the past 5 years.

Adam Dicker in 2020

Visit the NamePros thread about Adam Dicker. It has more than 768,000 views at this point!

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3 Responses to “Adam Dicker on #NamePros: “I made a mess and it’s time to clean it up””
  1. This is just BS talk. Don’t get fooled by scammers.

  2. Sinisa B says:

    Hi guys, i was just one of many Adam Dicker victims that got stung badly back in the day. Was wondering if you can write an update on A Dicker and what is he upto currently, looks like he is doing exactly now what he was doing back then, advising, BS and probably still robbing. Just go and check a facebook page called a uk company, quite a few videos have been uploaded this month/march. I think folks should be aware of this before more people get stung again and again by AD. I be a credible guy with backup proof, the money i paid to AD to have a website built and never delivered, the still available public video from 2015 of him scaming me. All i want to achieve here is to make other newbies aware of his scam before its to late for them too. Kind regards

  3. Benjamin Bloor says:

    My name is Ben Bloor. Adam is a blatant liar. He made a bunch of promises about promoting our membership to 800,000 people. I am wheelchair bound and in agonizing pain 24/7 so we had really placed all our hopes on his promise. It turned out to a total lie. One feeble excuse after another. I would advise anyone he approaches to have nothing whatsoever to do with him!

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