Adam Dicker on #ESPN : The #domain name #Rams .com, I bought for my love of animals

Adam Dicker was interviewed by ESPN, regarding his possession of the domain

The interview refers to Adam Dicker as a “Toronto based web designer,” who swears he’s not a domain “squatter.”

According to the interview about the domain name

Dicker says he spends a lot of his free time watching the television channel Animal Planet. It relaxes him.

If an animal strikes a certain chord on a particular day, he’ll check for the domain. If it’s available at a reasonable price, he’ll buy it.

And then he’ll take the time to put together a website that houses useful, easy-to-find information about it.

The ESPN interview about quotes Adam Dicker’s motivation for owning the domain

“I love animals, and that’s about it,” Dicker said in a phone conversation. “That’s my motivation for buying it.”

According to the article, Rams, the NFL football team, once offered $2,500 dollars to buy from Adam Dicker, who is using a domain broker, James Ramsay, for his communications with potential buyers. The two parties are far apart in price, and the football team uses

In the article, Adam Dicker is quoted as saying that he does it for his love of the particular animal, the ram, and has no real interest in selling to a company for a few thousand:

“Honestly, I don’t really worry about what people think because I’m not looking to put up a site to impress individuals or companies.

[…] I’m picking it up for the benefit of the animal. That’s just how I feel. I don’t care if anybody buys the site. Yes, there are people that are interested.

Yes, probably around football time, interest goes up. I probably get Rams fans emailing me and asking me if I would sell it to them for a few thousand dollars or whatever. But I have no interest in that.”

Read the full ESPN article about and Adam Dicker.

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7 Responses to “Adam Dicker on #ESPN : The #domain name #Rams .com, I bought for my love of animals”
  1. Tony says:

    Rumor has Dicker getting the Namescon Domainer Comeback of the year award in a few weeks.

    I wonder how George Verdugo feels getting left out of this interview and being a co-owner of

  2. Ripped Off says:

    Didn’t George Verdugo, the current cover story of DNJournal, say that he owned


    Is this a lie?

    And why hasn’t Dicker paid back all the people he’s ripped off?! Surely he can sell the domain name to an investor for a fraction of what he MIGHT be able to sell it to the Rams football team for, and then he can make good his debt. What a dick er.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Tony & Ripped Off : It’s not a secret George Verdugo co-owns with Adam Dicker.

    It seems that the DNJournal article erred in that respect.

    Ripped Off : Are you able to provide information on active/pending lawsuits against Dicker?

  4. BadBoyBob says:

    Somebody needs to RAM that domain up Dicker’s arse for ripping people off. It seems that he is on the lam and keeping a low profile using others to do his deeds.

  5. Doc says:

    What a joke – in every aspect

  6. DomainGang says:

    Doc – There’s no doubt is a valuable domain and it’s mostly associated with the NFL team, as opposed to the male sheep. However, using it for its generic meaning, is a good protection in case the NFL team wanted to stir up things. That’s the case with as well.

  7. Steve says:

    Put a basic page on all your premium names to avoid theft. Simple.

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